How to Remodel Your Kitchen When You Have Kids

No interior design is going to last forever, and although it’s a job you can certainly put off for as long as possible by using great materials and opting for a timeless design, eventually, you’re going to need to make some changes and it might be that remodeling is the best option. That’s certainly the case when it comes to the kitchens, which is the room that needs to be updated most often.

However, as much as you might like the idea of remodeling your kitchen, this can be tricky when you have kids to take care of – you don’t want to disrupt them too much or put them in danger. Luckily, you can do many things to help yourself and them in this situation, so you can still get a great kitchen at the end of the remodeling process. Read on to find out more.

Pick Kid-Friendly Materials

You’ll need to come up with a design for your new kitchen before any work can be done, so this is the ideal time to think about your family and ensure you pick kid-friendly materials to work with. In other words, you’ll need to use materials that not only keep your children safe but are also able to withstand anything they might do to them.

For example, you’ll need to look for scratch-resistant and easy-to-clean materials like quartz countertops and tiled flooring from Quorn Stone because your kitchen will stay looking good for longer, and you’ll spend less time keeping it maintained. It’s also wise to choose non- toxic materials and eco-friendly options to ensure you’re making a healthy environment for your children now and in the future.

Set Up a Temporary Kitchen

If your old kitchen is going to be completely ripped out or it’s just not going to be a safe or usable place for a while, it’s a good idea to set up a temporary kitchen somewhere else in the house. One benefit of doing this is that you won’t have to rely on takeout and processed food, which you should avoid giving your children as much as possible. Another benefit is that your children won’t feel so disrupted, and you’ll be able to keep a sense of their regular routine in place, which helps everyone feel settled and less stressed.

Choose a space where you can set up your microwave, toaster, and portable stovetop, as well as somewhere to wash your hands and dishes. You might not be able to make gourmet meals in this space, but you’ll be able to provide good, healthy meals, and that’s enough.

Have Storage

Storage is important both during the renovation and afterward if you want to have a great kitchen and you want to make it kid friendly. Kitchens are full of hazardous materials like cleaning chemicals and knives, so you’ll want to make sure your new kitchen has plenty of storage space where these things can be kept out of your children’s reach.

While the remodeling is taking place, you’ll need to think carefully about where you’re going to store these things in the meantime. It might be wise to invest in some lockable cabinets or use some high shelves in your home for your peace of mind and your little ones’ safety.

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