8 Tips to Make Your Beauty Routine Work for You

It often seems like an uphill battle to feel attractive as a mom or even just a woman living a busy life where they struggle to squeeze in everything society expects of them. If you’ve seen Barbie, you may have felt spoken to in ways you’ve never felt before, yet it takes more than mere words and a girl-power attitude to change anything. You might still struggle to feel attractive all the time, even though you know deep down you don’t need to. Still, it’s nice to feel good.

8 Tips to Make Your Beauty Routine Work for You

So how can you overcome all this? Jost will tell you that a skincare routine is the solution, but who has the time? While it might seem impossible, there are ways to make your beauty routine work for you. It’s all about how you approach it and the products you use.

Why Is A Beauty Routine So Important?

If you want to talk philosophically, a beauty routine isn’t crucial in the grand scheme, but that doesn’t mean it is entirely void of benefits.

It Keeps Your Skin Looking Good

Good-looking skin is one of the biggest reasons to stick to your beauty routine. With the correct approach, you won’t worry about wrinkles, breakouts, or blotches as often because you will learn how to keep them under control. This means you don’t have to spend as much time taking care of your skin as you once did, meaning you have plenty of time to focus on the more important things in life.

It Can Prevent Skin Problems

An effective beauty routine will drastically reduce skin problems you have suffered from your entire life or even any you’ve recently had to deal with. This is especially common for busy moms or professionals who haven’t had the time to treat themselves in years. While your skin problems won’t clear up overnight, you should see changes sooner rather than later.

It Makes You Feel Good!

Everyone should feel good about how they look, and if you’ve ever wanted to hide away in your room rather than go out with friends because of a pimple, a beauty routine drastically reduces stress and anxiety among other mental health issues. You will feel more confident and in control of everything, which is one of the most liberating things you could want.

Tips to Make Your Beauty Routine Work for You

You may have tried a hundred-and-one beauty products or routines and struggled to stick with them because you don’t have the time or weren’t getting enough out of them. This could change once you learn how to make your beauty routine work.

Cleanse Consistently

The secret to any skincare and beauty routine is consistency. Cleansing your skin every day (or even several times a day) will make it easier to control the other issues you frequently encounter when trying to keep your skin looking its best. Without regular cleansing, you will not remove dirt, grease, bacteria, or other pollutants that can lead to breakouts and similar issues. Mild soap and water can make a huge difference, and it only takes a few minutes when you wake up and before you go to bed each evening.

Find Once-A-Year Treatments

Who has the time to shave their legs or pluck their eyebrows every few days? If this sounds familiar, you can find treatments that only require you to visit a salon once a year. This includes laser hair removal that will remove hair where you don’t want it, especially if you have darker hair that is more obvious. Many women have shaved their forearms only for the hair to return and look even worse in a few weeks. Save yourself the hassle by finding treatments you only need to seek once a year.

Moisturize Daily

Keeping your skin hydrated will keep it taut, which prevents wrinkles and early signs of aging. While you might be happy to age gracefully, everyone can feel self-conscious about wrinkles, especially around the eyes and mouth. By moisturizing your skin every morning, you keep it tighter and prevent other products from drying out your face. This will prevent dry skin and keep you looking youthful. If you have dry skin already, find a moisturizer that ensures a more effective treatment to counteract your natural skin type.

Scrub, Scrub, Scrub

Learning to safely exfoliate can be a game-changer for the busy mom. Like daily cleansing, it helps to remove dead skin cells and replenish them with glowing new ones that look more like your natural skin type. If you aren’t already exfoliating, you risk your pores becoming clogged so your skin cannot breathe. However, you shouldn’t scrub too hard every day as this can lead to rashes and irritation. A suitable rule of thumb is to exfoliate two or three times every week, especially if you have a consistent beauty routine in place.

Take Your Makeup Off Every Day

Every woman had a phase where they would get back from a night on the town and sleep in their makeup. Aside from staining your pillows with mascara, this also affects how well your skin breathes. Although it seems like yet another thing to add to your routine, alcohol-free (or even low-alcohol) makeup wipes will be a lifesaver and it shouldn’t take too long when you get home at the end of the day.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Beauty products, lotions, and potions are not the only way to make your routine work for you. Getting plenty of sleep is an essential element that will significantly change how you look and feel. The average adult needs around eight hours, so give yourself a bedtime and stick to it while also waking up at the same time every day to fix your body clock. You won’t have as many bags under your eyes so you won’t need to hide them with heavier makeup, offering exceptional benefits on both sides.

Change Your Habits

Bad habits can also affect how easy it is to maintain healthy skin. Smoking, drinking, fast food, and spending too much time in the sun without sunscreen can generate a wide range of problems that are difficult to overcome. If you’re serious about making your beauty routine work for you, it’s time to cut down (and ideally quit) bad habits because you’re fighting a losing battle otherwise. You will find that fewer toxins, fat, and UV exposure will replenish your skin, so quit smoking and drinking, eat more fruits and vegetables, and wear sunscreen whenever you go outside.

Work Out a Base Routine

Many different skin types can make it tricky for the average busy mom to determine which approach works best. Once you discover the most suitable products, establish a base routine that you do no matter what. Your base routine means you can still stay on top of everyday skincare needs even if you don’t have the time (or energy) to focus on everything. At the very least, you can maintain healthy-looking skin, which will boost your confidence and skin’s well-being to establish an excellent foundation for you to build upon.


The only person you should want to look good for is yourself. Sure, it’s nice to glam yourself up for your partner or even strangers you pass on the street, but everything ultimately comes down to you. Perhaps you’ve struggled to maintain a consistent routine previously. If this is the case, these tips will help you approach your beauty routine a little differently and help you see the results you have always wanted.

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