5 Reasons Choosing Your Own Energy Supplier Can Be The Best Decision

One of the biggest problems many residential owners face is paying higher rates this winter 2023 for their energy consumption. With soaring electricity bills and fluctuating costs, managing expenses can be difficult, adding to unwanted stress. It’s time that residential consumers should become aware of the immense benefits of choosing their own energy supplier. If you’re being charged higher for your electricity consumption, you have the power to choose your own energy supplier. With the evolution of energy deregulation, consumers now have the choice to compare rates from different energy providers and pick the one that best suits their needs. If you haven’t considered this, here are the top 5 benefits you should know.

Expect Better Customer Service in 2023.
If you only have one grocery store in your area, you depend on that entirely. That means, even when the customer service isn’t good, you would still have no choice but to shop for groceries here. Monopoly environments usually result in dissatisfied customer service. In the same way, without the option to choose your energy supplier, many people have to face the problem of bad customer service. However, things have changed, and with a deregulated energy system on the rise, consumers have more power in their hands. You only choose an energy supplier when you’re fully satisfied with their customer service. Even if you are disappointed at any time later in the future, you have the option to discontinue their services.

You Get The Customization Option.
Energy choice flexibility allows consumers to choose the vendor that fulfils their residential energy usage. You can always ask your supplier not to charge you for the energy you would never consume. Vendors can customise your energy needs and help you save money on electricity costs. Energy usage may be different for each family. First, review your current energy plans to understand the problem. Next, you should compare electricity costs from other suppliers to find the plan that works best for you.

The Bills Are Fair.
Most traditional energy companies have complicated billing structures that allow them to be at the winning end. Residential consumers often have no say in the billing structure, which companies can change at any point in time. But, the right energy suppliers aren’t the same – they offer you price transparency with no hidden fees or miscellaneous charges. Additionally, you can also expect better deals, incentives and discounts. Expect savings of as much as 30% on your energy bills.

The Rates Are Fixed And Low.
Fluctuating electricity prices for residential consumers can be stressful. When you have a fixed energy supplier, you have no choice but to pay the fixed bills each month. But why pay too much for energy when you aren’t satisfied? Comparing energy suppliers allows you to choose one that offers low-fixed rates. Ask them about their pricing options – fixed or floating. Once you choose the supplier that suits your budget requirements, you can anticipate the bills before paying for them.

You Are Getting 100% Green Energy.
Are you an attentive residential consumer who understands the environmental impacts of carbon-intense electricity sources? If yes, here is the good news – you can purchase green electricity and contribute to the green power industry. An average power company may provide energy that runs on fossil fuels or nuclear plants. However, when you choose your own energy supplier, you have the freedom to pick one that sells renewable energy from the grid. Take note of these factors:
● The type of energy resource – wind, solar, etc.
● Emission rates – low or zero emissions
● Location & age of the facility
● Cost

Based on these factors, residential consumers can pick the energy supplier of their choice.

The Final Word
One great way to find the best supplier is by comparing the rates of many suppliers in Australia. Many websites offer free services such as energy brokers that allow you to compare a range of plans from key suppliers, but none do it as well as Electricity Wizard. Once you’ve decided on the right supplier, be assured that you’ll see significant differences in your electricity bills.

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