What Parents Should Know About Raising Their Kids in San Antonio

Parenting presents challenges but also many unexpected joys. If you live in San Antonio, you might feel raising your kids there makes sense. The city has many exciting sights you can visit that your children should enjoy.

You can learn what to see and do in San Antonio with the kids if you’ve lived there your whole life. If you moved there from somewhere else, though, you must learn about the city and its various neighborhoods and opportunities, just like your kids.

Let’s discuss what parents should know about raising children in this bustling, energetic city.

The City’s Parks Let Your Kids Get Some Exercise and Cost Nothing

San Antonio has some great amenities, but it’s not exactly cheap. You might pay less there for a house than you would in Dallas or Austin, but the homes can eat into your savings as a parent unless you have a job that pays you exceptionally well.

As such, you might find that you don’t have much cash for children-friendly activities. That means the public parks you can find around San Antonio become your ally. You have 185 public parks in the city you can visit.

When you do so, you can play with your kids in one of the playgrounds. You might buy your child a bike and teach them about its use while on one of the many bike paths.

Since public parks cost nothing, you can have a pleasant afternoon with your kids and spend no money. Most San Antonio parents should love that notion.

You Can Visit the Many Museums and Theaters

You'll also discover more than a few children-centric museums in San Antonio. You might check out the Magik Theatre. They always have many shows there per year, and they typically have ones that put modern spins on classic fairytales. Your kids should like that.

The Briscoe Museum has free admission on Tuesday nights from 4-9 pm. The museum puts on educational shows and has exhibitions of various kinds that welcome younger viewers.

There, you can get a Buckaroo Bag. Each one features exhibit-related items. It’s part of the museum’s Lil Partners initiative.

You Can Make Shopping a Grand Adventure

If you ever have some spare cash, shopping with the kids can take up an afternoon if they feel bored or restless. You can find some kid-friendly stores, some of which capture the imagination. Lolli and Pops holds a special place in this city’s heart. It’s a candy shop straight out of Willie Wonka. The dozens of glass jars hold old-fashioned sweets like licorice, jellybeans, and candy buttons. If you don’t mind having some hyper kids on your hands, you can take them there and let them splurge.

You can also visit enormous bookstores like The Twig. There, you will find a better-than-average children’s book collection. The Twig also has live book-reading events featuring local and international authors that you might attend with your kids.

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