Design Your Vision: Customizing Your Look With Scott Harris Glasses

Despite that you may prefer to rock simple and plain glasses, probably because they go with most outfits and activities, you can spark up your look and still achieve a simple appearance. Let your eyewear speak for you when you step into a place.

Design Your Vision: Customizing Your Look With Scott Harris Glasses

Be it glamour and sophistication, or serious and business-minded, customizing your frame to your personal taste should be an addition to your everyday lifestyle. Especially, if you wear your eyeglasses every time.

Customizing your look gives you confidence. You can proudly wear your eyeglasses to add a special character personalized to you, in your complete outfit and look. This can help your look to be more pronounced and elegant overall.

When you customize your eyewear, you showcase a sense of self and uniqueness that conveys a message of your personal style. It can also help to give off a look of great sophistication wherever you go.

When you choose the perfect frame that matches your dress, it can help make an important distinction specifically for you. This is because you get to select your desired choice of design and material personally. Think of how you want to be seen, let it be evident in your eyewear.

Customization can come in different designs like chains or tapes for temple tips, or even a unique color (probably repainted by you), as long as it suits your style.

When selecting a new frame, find your face shape, look for round frames with thin rims that are wider than your cheekbones, yet proportional to the length and width of your face. You can check out Scott Harris vintage glasses. These are some tips to consider:
· Round frames bring contrast to angular features.
· Oval frames soften and balance defined square face lines.
· Colored frames draw attention to the eyes.

Square-shaped faces have pronounced angles on the forehead, cheeks, and jawline. A round frame would help to soften the edges of the face. On the other hand, round face shapes tend to have less or no angles. If you have a round face, consider getting a square or rectangular frame to complement. They would provide needed angles at the line of cheekbones, therefore resembling an oval face.

Among the common face shapes, if you have an oval face, you may be considered lucky. This is because most frame shapes fit oval faces. Hence, despite the shape of your face, you should go for a frame that balances your face to be similar to an oval shape.

Understanding what material each frame is made of can also help you to make the right decision. It can help you choose a frame that matches the style of design you may want to use for customization. Considering what material your eyewear is made of, would also help inspire the type of design or customization accessory.

Some of the materials used in Scott Harris frames are metal, acetate, and plastic. Metals are generally stronger and more durable. Acetates are very strong and long-lasting. They can be shaped in desired forms. They are considered stronger than plain plastic. However, thick-rimmed plastic frames are very strong too.

Not only is it cool to customize your frame to complete your look, but purchasing customized eyeglasses can boost your charisma. Customizing your lenses is like giving you the chance to view the world through your personalized view. The fact that you get to choose is the beauty in it.

Lenses can be tinted in many colors or come in shaded options. Some common options are photochromic and anti-reflective lenses.

Photochromic lenses are good examples of lens customization. These lenses change shades when they are exposed to the sun. They come in either dark grey or dark blue colors. The rate at which photochromic lenses get dark depends on the number of ultraviolet rays of the sun that get in them. If you are photo-sensitive, you should consider getting photochromic lenses with your cool frame.

Anti-reflective lenses are mostly clear. They help to protect the eyes against blue light from digital screens, like, televisions and phones. If you work often on your laptop or phone, you should consider getting anti-reflective lenses for your frame.

If you are both light-sensitive and use your laptop often, you should consider getting photochromic lenses only. This is because all photochromic lenses are anti-reflective, but not all anti-reflective lenses are photochromic. White frames can also be customized to your preferred color. Common examples are light brown, yellow, light grey, light blue, and light orange.

Finally, customized lenses help to elevate your overall look. With Scott Harris glasses, you have the option to fit your frames as it best suits your usual appearance. It can enhance your everyday lifestyle, which makes it easier to look your best while showcasing your unique sense of style.

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