7 Jobs For Working With Children

Are you thinking about the type of career you want to pursue? You may already know that you want to work with children. Along with helping to shape young minds and provide safety and security, working with children also offers flexibility.

It’s often the best option if you want a schedule that can work alongside your own children. For example, teachers and teaching assistants will have the same time off school as their children so they don’t have to worry about childcare during those times. Take a look at some of the best jobs working with children.

Is there anything more satisfying than educating children? As a teacher you’ll get to impart knowledge that children need to navigate the big wide world. There are many different types of teaching so it’s important to narrow down what you want to do.

For instance, you may be suited to kindergarten age children or perhaps you see yourself teaching teenagers and preparing them for exams. Whatever age you decide to teach, you’ll need specific qualifications.

Teaching Assistant
There are tons of benefits to becoming a teaching assistant. You’ll still get to influence children in the classroom and be a part of their education. However, you won’t have as much responsibility as the classroom teacher which can often mean you have more spare time. You won’t have to study as long to receive a teaching assistant qualification either. For those who don’t want the stress that can sometimes come with teaching, this is a favorable option. The disadvantage is that you’ll be paid less than a teacher.

Childcare Worker
A job in childcare could take on many forms. Perhaps you’d like to start your own childcare business and take care of children from your own home. Alternatively, you could work in a daycare center that often has many more children. You’ll be responsible for every aspect of childcare including learning, playing, preparing food, nap time, and more. The more qualifications you have in early child development, the better. If you’re looking for a particular role in your area, search jobs with Lensa to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Sports Coach
If you have experience in any kind of sport, you may want to start a local team. For instance, little league, basketball, or soccer are all popular sports with young children. You may have the chance to teach children something you love and watch them progress.

There are both paid and volunteer positions for community sports coaches. If you’re looking for a paid position, it can help to volunteer first and gain more experience.

School Counselor Children’s mental health is a hot topic these days. Schools are working harder to recognize that children can have problems with their mental health much in the same way that adults do. For children who have been through traumatic experiences, divorce, moving home, and much more, counseling can be a huge benefit.

Voicing struggles and feelings to a trusted member of staff can help children to better focus on their school work, build lasting friendships, and improve behavior. If you’re interested in being a child counselor, start sooner rather than later as the qualifications can take up to five years to gain.

A pediatrician is qualified in children’s general health. There’s nothing more important than a child’s health. Becoming a pediatrician will take time and commitment but the job is highly rewarding.

As part of this role, you’ll be required to assess children’s health and provide treatment where appropriate. Along with prescribing medication, you’ll also be able to recommend other specialists in the area that could help your patients with specific problems.

Family Support Worker
There may be instances where children and their families need additional support. This can sometimes refer to drug or alcohol addiction, having a parent in prison, or a family member with a disability. This is not an easy role due to the fact you may see and hear things that can be upsetting.

However, this is a worthwhile career to pursue and the help you give can change lives. Offering help and emotional support to families when they need it is admirable. It’s important to research the qualifications you’ll need for this job as different roles will ask for different skills and experience.

Working with children can be tiring and stressful at times but there’s nothing more worthwhile than influencing the next generation. If you’ve found this article helpful, take a look at the others.

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