5 Common Sex Crimes to Be Aware Of

There are a variety of serious crimes that a person may be charged with at some point in their life, but among the most prominent are sex crimes. Convictions for sex crime charges typically come with harsher sentences and long-lasting stigmas that can result in serious repercussions. Understanding what you are being charged with so that you can begin building your defense to proclaim your innocence starts with learning everything there is to know about sex crimes.

5 Common Sex Crimes to Be Aware Of

What is a Sex Crime?
First and foremost, before diving into the most common types of sex crimes seen in court, it’s important to look at what exactly sex crimes are. As defined, a sex crime is simply any crime which has a sexual component to it, regardless of to what degree. This can include threatened physical violence or even emotional manipulation with a sexual component.

5 Typical Sex Crime Charges Seen in Court
In particular, there are five main types of sex charges that a person may find themselves facing in court. By learning what each of these types involve, a person can better understand what they are being charged with:

1. Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is one of the most common forms of a sex crime and is also one of the most broadly defined. Sexual abuse generally is defined as any type of non-consensual contact that is sexual in nature, which can include molestation, forced sexual intercourse, improper touching, and more.

2. Indecent Exposure
When a person intentionally exposes themselves in public, it may fall under the crime of indecent exposure. The severity of this charge will depend entirely on a number of factors including where the event occurred, who witness the event, and more. Different states have different definitions for indecent exposure, which is why learning the specifics for your state is so important.

3. Rape
Each state has its own definition of rape but is is generally defined as forced sexual intercourse with another person. Rape itself has a number of subcategories ranging from date rape, statutory rape, spousal rape, and more, but the definition does not change. It is also one of the sex crimes that comes with the most serious charges.

4. Internet Sex Crimes
Sex crimes which occur over the Internet are relatively new compared to other types of sex crimes on this list, but they are any type of sex crime that occurs through the web. This can include attempting to lure a minor, engaging with child pornography, and more.

5. Prostitution
Finally, exchanging money for acts of sex is known as prostitution and is also one of the most commonly committed sex crimes. There are different types of sex crimes that fall under the umbrella of prostitution, such as soliciting a prostitute or procuring customers for prostitution.

The Bottom Line
Nobody should face sex crime charges when they are innocent of the crime they are being accused of committing. This is why finding the best criminal defense lawyer who can defend your name in a court of law is so important. Don’t settle for the charges you are facing when you can garner legal assistance to clear your name.

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