Some Toddler and Baby Stuff You Shouldn't Buy Used

It's a good thing to want to donate and reuse baby things. But some are not recommended, and others are even illegal. But with so many baby things around to choose from, it can be a nightmare to find safe items. So, here is some common baby stuff you shouldn't buy used.

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Cribs and Crib Items
Back in the day, it was common to pass along cribs. But the law has since changed. And it's now illegal to sell used baby cribs or even give them away. In some countries, such as the USA, some cribs, like drop-side ones, are illegal to make because they are dangerous. So always leave these if you see one for sale somewhere. The same goes for things like crib bedding sets. These can carry a hygiene risk because of vomit and other things that come out of babies.

Baby Stuff You Shouldn't Buy Used Includes Pumps
You will probably need a breast pump as a new mother. And they are a great bit of kit. But the hygiene risks are big if you buy a used one. Bits of dried milk and formula can get stuck inside the machine, often in hard-to-clean spaces. And this can cause bacteria like C. sakazakii. This is dangerous for you and your baby when feeding. If you can't afford a new breast pump, you can rent expertly-sterilized hospital grade breast pumps through your insurance provider.

Toddler and Baby Bike Helmets
Bike helmets are required by law, for kids and adults, in most places, including the UK and the US. And given that we are all more aware of the environment and nature these days, it is great to get out with the kids on bikes. You might think a used bike helmet is a good way to help the planet. But they are dangerous because you don't know the internal quality. If a helmet has been in an accident, it won't work the second time around. So always buy new just to be safe.

Considering Used Items
As mentioned, it can be a good thing to buy used items for your kids and save some money. But there are also dangers that come with it.

Consider the following when buying something used:
- Consider how old something is because it might deteriorate over time.
- Ask yourself if the seller is reliable, and check online for reviews.
- Do a quick check using the model number to see if it is a recalled item.
Always make sure there are no damaged or missing parts to a used product.
- Stay aware of legal issues around buying and selling baby items, such as cribs.

Buying used baby gear can be a great thing. You can save money, help someone make money, and contribute to eco issues. But always stay aware of what is fit for purpose before buying.

Used Baby Strollers
If you are a parent, then you know how expensive strollers can get. And, of course, you want the best for your children. And some of the highest-rated ones are out of reach for many families. This is nothing short of a scandal. And while no one is suggesting you drain your bank account for one, you really shouldn't buy used strollers either. The reason is that safety standards are changing all the time. And because of this, some models are illegal to sell.

Carriers are Baby Stuff You Shouldn't Buy Used
Carrying your baby around is cute and fun and helps you feel attached. But it's not always the best for a situation. So, for that, you need an infant carrier. In the first few weeks of having your newborn, a carrier can be a Godsend. However, like some other items, such as strollers, cribs, and car seats, these are also often recalled over safety issues. So when you buy a used baby carrier, you might be buying one that has recently been deemed dangerous to children.

Used Baby Bottles
You will use a lot of baby bottles when you have a baby. And they are essential items. But they degrade with use. And when this happens, bits can come apart inside and pose a choking risk to your baby when they are feeding. But the good news is that baby bottles are actually pretty cheap these days. There are many brands to choose from. And you don't have to go with the most expensive or well-known. A cheaper brand won't be on the store shelf if it is unsafe.

Having a baby gets expensive quickly. And, of course, you may look for ways to save money, like checking out this list of free baby stuff and especially with the cost of everything rising. But there is some baby stuff you shouldn't buy. These include cribs and bedding, strollers, and feeding items like bottles and breast pumps.

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