Getting Pregnant (or Not) with Natural Cycles

Whether you are trying to get pregnant or trying not to, Natural Cycles can help you. It is a non-hormonal contraceptive option that works off of your temperature.

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Why would someone use Natural Cycles?
It is the only FDA Cleared birth control app, putting power in the palm of your hand. No hormones. Great for if you are trying to get pregnant as well, as it can pinpoint what days in your cycle you are most likely to conceive. I have never been able to use traditional, hormonal birth control methods, so this is a great option for me, and it has been a great tool in helping me understand my body better.

How do you use Natural Cycles?
Natural Cycles is an app powered by an algorithm that determines your daily fertility status based on body temperature. When you wake up, measure your temperature using your basal thermometer (or wear an Oura Ring while you sleep) and add or sync the reading into the NC° app. After adding your temperature, you will get your fertility status for the day. This is either green (not fertile) or red (fertile). If trying to prevent pregnancy, you should use condoms or abstain on red days.

The number of fertile/non-fertile days you get will vary, but on average a cycler get around 10 red days per cycle. As every woman is different, the number of red days you get depends on the regularity of your menstrual cycle and how often you input data into the app. The best way to increase green days is to measure your temperature most mornings, so try to measure at least five days a week. Also, LH tests are optional, but can help confirm ovulation, and give you even more green days.

When you start using Natural Cycles, it can take some time to get to know you, which means you will have more red days (days when you need to use protection) at the start of your journey. This is to ensure that the app is effective, but once it has detected your ovulation you are likely to get more green days. With regular measuring, ovulation can often be detected in the very first cycle. Your green (non-fertile) days will continue to increase over time as the app gets to know you better.

What if I have an "irregular" cycle?
You may find that by using Natural Cycles, you don't have an "irregular" cycle, it's just longer or shorter than 28 days. And Natural Cycles is just as effective if you have "irregular" menstrual cycles. But if you actually have a very irregular cycle, Natural Cycles may not be the best option for you as you will likely not benefit from the green days, but it can be a useful tool in tracking irregularities and in the process of better understanding your body.

How effective is Natural Cycles?
There is no birth control option that is 100% effective, so it's important to consider the effectiveness of different birth control options. There’s typical and perfect use when looking at the effectiveness of birth control. For Natural Cycles, perfect use is when you use protection on red days. With perfect use Natural Cycles is 98% and with typical use it is 93% effective.

I kept track of my cycle to try to conceive a boy and it worked, so Natural Cycles is a great option for that as well. Instead of red and green days you will get a fertile window and a scale from "not fertile" to "fertility unlikely" to "peak fertility". If you are looking for hormone free birth control or wishing to plan a pregnancy faster, use my code NANNY20 for 20% off an annual plan and a free basal thermometer. Skip the pharmacy and order online today!

Natural Cycles is for 18+ and doesn’t protect from STIs-

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