How to Start Life in Athens - Tips for Moving

Many people around the world want to change their lives for the best. Leaving a job, and a toxic relationship, and making a new start, might sound scary to some people but is the start of everything.

One of the biggest and most determinant changes that someone can make in his life is moving to a new country or to a new city and finding athens apartments for rent. Of course, attempting such a huge swap in your life could probably change your whole life for the best.

One of the most beautiful cities that someone can choose to move to, is Athens, the capital city of Greece. Athens is an amazing historic city that many people desire to visit, even for a trip. Thanks to its rich history and heritage, amazing culture, and limitless possibilities for having fun, Athens has become the number one destination for starting a new life. Furthermore, Greece has so many amazing places that you can be amazed by. Last but not least, don’t forget that Greece is famous for its delicious local dishes.

Therefore, if you are thinking of moving to Athens, we have got your back! Read below and find out how to start a new life in Athens.

1. Select the best neighborhood

The first and most important thing you must be sure about, before moving to Athens, is finding the best area to stay in. There are many different neighborhoods in Athens, for every need and every budget. Therefore, the only thing that you have to do is to find the best location according to your own preferences. In case you love bustling cities, you can look for a house around Monastiraki, Plaka, and Thission in order to be always in the heart of Athens, the city that never sleeps. On the other hand, if you need a more peaceful routine in a beautiful area the right option for you is to look for a house in the suburbs, such as Glyfada and Kifisia.

2. Seek legal help

The second tip that you have to keep in mind before moving to Athens, is to seek a business law firm in Athens. The truth is that a trustworthy lawyer is going to explain to you all about the Greek legal system and he will also help you to purchase a property and get the golden visa. Actually, the golden visa is very important in Greece, because without it you are not considered a Greek citizen, and it would be very difficult for you to get your dream job. Moreover, a lawyer is going to explain to you all the differences that the Greek legal system has from the one you used to know.

3. Find the best health insurance

Last but not least another very essential part of your move to Athens and in Greece, in general, is to have private health insurance. Of course, there is always public health insurance. But what you will notice is that the country’s national health system is not the best in the world. It’s always vital to get the best help possible if you get sick.

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