4 Fun Things Everyone Should Do in Lisbon, Portugal

A trip to Portugal has to start in Lisbon. The capital of this beautiful country will mesmerize you with its fun and romantic atmosphere. Just take a minute to take in this sophisticated and elegant city. Then, you can keep yourself busy by going to sights, trying top foods and visiting amazing beaches. It is certain that you will have the time of your life in Lisbon. Whether this is your first or millionth time there, there are 4 fun things that everyone should do in Lisbon. What are these?

1. Tick off all the landmarks

All capital cities tend to have an insane number of landmarks and tourist attractions that visitors are excited to see as this is a legitimate way to get to know a new place. Lisbon is no exception to this rule. The most iconic landmarks in Lisbon, that you must include in your itinerary, are the Belém Tower, a stunning fortress at the Lisbon Harbor, the National Tile Museum, where you will get to learn and admire the famous azulejos tiles, St George’s Castle and National Museum of Ancient Art. It will definitely be a fun game to try to visit and tick off every single landmark of the city.

2. Explore cute neighborhoods

There is something special about Lisbon. No one can really explain it, but everyone feels it while they are wandering around the city. You can feel it too, when you see the cute and romantic neighborhoods that make up Lisbon. The city is full of Instagram-able places that will make you fall in love with them. Some such places that you shouldn’t miss for the world are the historic Alfama District, the picturesque Bairro Alto, Portas do Sol, where you will see the best view of the city, and the grand plaza Praça do Comércio.

3. A Day trip to Sintra

It is not right to go to Lisbon and not visit Sintra. We know that this might be difficult if you don’t have a car, but you have to believe us when we say that Sintra deserves the trouble to look for and hire one while you are in Lisbon. Actually, if you get a Lisbon car hire from Enjoy Travel, you will not be stressed or tired at all as you can complete all the necessary steps online. You can compare vehicles and offers on your screen and book the one you like the most online. Thus, you can embark on this less than an-hour drive from Lisbon to Sintra and enjoy the attractions in this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

4. Go for a swim

Portugal is one of the best summer destinations. The sunny weather and the beautiful beaches invite people from all over the world to its coasts. Lisbon is a coastal city, and there are many great beaches near it, where you can spend whole days swimming, relaxing and enjoying good food. Some of the beaches in the vicinity of Lisbon that we highly recommend are Cruz Quebrada, Caxias, da Torre and Carcavelos.

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