Top Tips for Finding Comfortable Underwear as a Curvy Woman

For a long time, it felt as if marketing and advertising campaigns were only interested in selling underwear to a few specific body types. Fortunately, in time, they were finally made aware of the fact that bodies are all different, and that every shape and size should be celebrated.

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However, in that unfortunate lack of inclusion, a gap was created between curvy women and knowledge regarding their own comfort and support. And due to this, it’s not always easy for plus-sized women to find the perfect feeling that comes with finding the best underwear to suit their body and shape. Remember - comfortable underwear isn’t a privilege, it’s a right. So, let’s look at how your curves can feel better supported and give you the confidence to wear your undergarments with pride.

Style and Shape

There’s no shame in not quite knowing how to dress for your shape as a curvier woman. And due to how personal and unique each underwear need can be, there’s no golden rule for plus-sized women to follow here.

But in that lack of a standard rule comes the chance to celebrate your own body and find ultimate comfort through trial and error. Generally speaking, we’re aiming for something that offers more support around the hips without giving you that awful ‘pinch’ feeling that comes with some underwear styles.

For curvier shapes, it’s worth looking into boy shorts styles that offer a snug but supportive fit with a breathable fabric.

Seek Out Sexy Garments Too!

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a gentle lace or silk number against your skin. Not only does it instantly make you feel a little sexier, but these fabrics are ideal for breathability and shaping themselves to your natural figure.

Silk cups are perfectly capable of supporting larger busts, just be sure to check the straps and slings to make sure you’re not sacrificing comfort either. If you’re looking to combine some high-waisted underwear with a thick bra line, you’ll need to tread carefully as it can create a more prominent roll in the middle of your body.

In these instances, it may be worth looking into a one-piece or some comfortable shapewear to eliminate the potential of rolls forming. You can also make sure your bra and underwear combination overlap underneath, which reduces the appearance of rolls.

High-Waisted Briefs

Fuller hips can work well in high-waisted briefs, and if you add a subtle garter belt, you can enjoy the curves of your body without worrying over how your stomach affects the overall silhouette.

This also creates an opportunity to show off your natural curves, as this showcases your butt and hips while keeping your thighs and stomach supported simultaneously.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. Finding comfortable dressing styles as a curvy woman should feel fun and exciting, so what matters most is that you’re finally embracing your own body and looking for ways to feel more confident in your own skin.

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