Baby Room Ideas for Decorating a Nursery That's Unique

Decorating a nursery is truly a wonderful task. Your baby is on the way and you certainly want to provide it with a gorgeous and cozy nursery to call it their home. However, even though wonderful, decorating a baby's room can be stressful as you want to make everything perfect and safe. Luckily, this article will provide a bit of help and a starting point regarding baby room ideas. So, let’s start.

An Artful Mobile

It goes without saying that you will install a mobile above the crib. However, if those ordinary mobiles are too, well, ordinary for you, then you should go for an artful one. You can easily design a baby room in a more mature and modern way and still preserve playfulness. One such element that combines modern and playful is an artful mobile. There are some great examples you can find online and opt for a geometrical yet colorful and simple mobile that will keep your baby entertained and the whole room unique.

Wall Art

Even though your baby probably doesn’t care about wall art, you can use these pieces to make this room special. You can get your family photos framed to remind your baby that they are loved. Also, you can opt for custom-made posters that will nicely fit into a nursery decor. One great example is getting a custom-made star map poster of the pattern of the stars on the day your baby was born! Click here to find such amazing designs that you can completely customize.

Cozy Textures

When designing a nursery, you cannot leave it feeling sterile and cold. No! Your baby needs to feel cozy, and you can achieve this with textures. Make sure to use plenty of cozy textures by arranging fluffy blankets, pillows and a rug. These will provide warmth to the nursery and a sense of safety. Additionally, pick warm neutral shades for these pieces and focus on getting as much natural light in there as possible. Also, use plush toys to complete the look and provide nice companions for your newborn.

Channel Nature

If those typical neutral shades of the nursery walls are too boring for you, you should try and channel nature. Deep shades of greens are a perfect way to achieve this. You can even elevate the look by painting the walls and the ceiling the same deep green color and providing a sense of nature and depth. Plus, you can add green accents to a neutral room to channel nature or have a few indoor plants by the window. And don’t forget to let in natural light inside as much as possible, especially if you have trees outside the house.

Dress Up the Changing Station

A changing station is obviously a must, but you shouldn’t keep it simple and boring. Pick a corner for this station and choose a design of the station that truly speaks to you. Then, dress up that corner. You can achieve this through playful wall art of framed cute animals and plush toys around the station. This will provide a nice view for your baby while getting dressed and additional safety. Also, pick a changing table with drawers, instead of shelves, because it will be easier to store clothes and diapers and tuck them away unsightly.

Plain and unimaginative nurseries are a no-no. Your baby deserves the best and there is so much you can do to decorate the nursery in the most unique ways. Just let your imagination run wild.

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