Trips for Toddlers: Planning a Vacation within the U.S.

Taking that first vacation with a very young child can be great fun, but also a little bit frightening. While you may be looking forward to creating some vacation memories with your tot, you might also be worried about how to look after them, and even maintain routines while away from home. This may mean that you really need to fine tune any planning you do, so that your vacation activities fit in with the needs of your young family.

Book tickets in advance.

Your toddler may already be showing their personality, including their likes and dislikes. While many toddlers enjoy active play and make believe, others might take on traits from their parents or other caregivers. This means that some of the things they like to watch on television, or do during the day, may only be so because a member of the household also enjoys them. Taking that into account could enable you to book tickets for attractions with much more ease. For example, a household that loves to watch sports might want to see an NBA game and buy tickets from If your toddler has grown up watching games alongside you on TV, they may also love to see a game in real life, even if they don’t fully understand what goes on. This may also make it a treat for parents or older children.

Choose your destination carefully.

Some states across the US may be deemed safer than others, depending on the rate of crimes reported over the last 12 months. By doing your research into the type of crime reported in the state as a whole, as well as the city or neighborhood you have contemplated visiting, you may be able to choose one that makes you feel more secure. You might also want to look into the hotel that you would like to stay at, to see if anything has been reported here. It can be better to put the work in prior to your trip, than arrive and feel worried about the safety of yourself and your children both when inside and out.

Secure your toddler.

Although some people may frown upon the use of harnesses for children, they could be of use when in a strange city. While some might compare it to treating your child like an animal, they can provide a connection to the parent which may be far more secure than simply holding their hand. This may be especially useful when out in busy environments. In addition to this, a harness can also give your toddler the opportunity to walk or run for themselves, without needing to be confined to a buggy throughout the trip. This could help them gain more confidence.

There may be a number of different aspects that you need to consider, even when planning a vacation within the country. Doing so could help to give you peace of mind and make it enjoyable for both you and your toddler.

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