5 Troubles Your Teen May Need Help With

If you are a parent, then it’s natural to worry about your child. However, as they get older, you also need to ensure that you are providing them with a certain level of independence and the ability to essentially fight their own battles. That said, there are still steps that you will need to take to protect your teenager and help them with some of the more common challenges they may face in life. So, understand what we mean by this, let’s explore some of the common troubles that your teen could face and the steps you should take.



First, you should consider the issue of bullying. There’s a lot of misconceptions about bullying. For instance, it’s probably more common than you imagine. One poll suggested that 70% of teenagers feel that they have been bullied at some point before the age of eighteen. People also tend to assume that the impact of bullying is confined to adolescence. However, again, that just doesn’t seem to be the case. In reality, research highlights that bullying can have long lasting consequences and may continue to impact some people mentally well into their adult years. It can even lead to issues with PTSD and continued states of trauma. That’s why you need to make sure that you are helping your child if you feel as though they are struggling with a bully. The best thing that you can do here is make sure that you talk to them. It’s important to help them realize that they are not alone. How to approach bullying can range from speaking to the school, the parents or even changing your child’s school.


Teenagers are under far more stress than ever before. This is perhaps due to changes in education where kids need to start thinking about things like college earlier and earlier. It may also be due to the fact that kids aren’t getting as much downtime as they need. As a parent, you need to think about how to make sure that you are allowing your teen to destress. This could be in the form of weekend breaks away or it might just be a case of ensuring that they aren’t constantly studying. Some kids do need to be pulled away from the books every now and then so that they can focus on other things that matter in their life including family and friends.


You may also want to consider issues like skincare. Acne is common among teenagers as is eczema. While this may not seem serious, it can have a significant impact on their mental health and their levels of confidence. If you are worried about this, then we recommend that you do consider getting them the treatment they need. Something as simple as Bodewell eczema creams can help provide your child with the relief that they need here and ensure they feel more confident in their appearance.


Another issue that can knock a teens confidence is their teeth. If their teeth aren’t sitting right, then you may want to think about booking them in to see an orthodontist says this dentist in Keene TX. Of course, this isn’t the only reason why you should get your teens teeth checked out sooner instead of later. Teeth that aren’t positioned correctly can be enough to leave your teen with mind-blowing headaches. This can stop them from concentrating at school and have a severe impact on their overall quality of life. This is easily rectified with braces or even a retainer, depending on the level of work required.


Does your teen struggle to sleep through the night or wake up feeling exhausted? There are lots of reasons why this can be an issue. For instance, you could try giving them a banana or encouraging them to get more potassium in their diet. This will help ensure that they are not left tossing and turning throughout the night which can be an issue. Alternatively, you could also help them to adjust their sleep environment. Too much tech can contribute to sleep disruption. It could be worth moving some of the tech in their room to another area of the house.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key challenges that your teen can face and some of the steps that you may need to take as a parent. In doing so, you can help ensure that they don’t feel overwhelmed or even worse, alone tackling these issues. Remember, while teens do need a certain level of independence, they also must have someone who they can turn to when things get too much.

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