Make the Holidays Cheerful with Cotton Candy Express

I received complimentary products to provide this review. All opinions are my own.

Cotton Candy doesn't need to be enjoyed once a year at the county fair. My daughter has a winter birthday. And it can be hard to plan on what to do for her special day. Will it rain? Will everyone get sick and not be able to come? Will we be able to book a date and not overlap with someone's holiday event? If you are like me and looking for a fun winter party treat, then I have got you covered.

I was recently sent a package from Cotton Candy Express that included their machine, sugars in grape, cherry, and blue raspberry, as well as fifty cones. It was very easy to put together. And the cotton candy was super fun to make plus even my eight year old son was able to make some. Clean up honestly looked like it was going to be the worst, BUT it was so easy! Everything wiped clean.

Each year, my in-laws get together for Christmas Eve and we are always waiting around for my husband to get off work since he works retail. But I'm excited to bring this portable machine to their house and have fun with all the cousins making our own cotton candy from home and then enjoying our efforts afterwards. This machine also doesn't make a huge mess. The only mess to clean is the machine itself which was super easy to do.

After reading some reviews online, I have realized that some user error was going on with this machine. Make sure read everything thoroughly before using this machine. An Important Tip which is included in the directions: To produce nice fluffy cotton candy, after a few strands have gathered on your cone, hold your cone above the middle at an angle and it will gather beautifully.

What's your favorite fair food that you wish you could make at home?

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