8 Fun Indoor Sports Activities for Kids

Nowadays, it’s normal to see children staying indoors. While that may sound like a dream come true for parents with rambunctious kids, what makes this scene so alarming is how much children rely on technology to entertain them. After all, they can have everything they’re looking for with only a few clicks.

Consuming too much screen time is incredibly harmful. Even though all they’re doing is staying in one place and staring at a screen, this inactivity will impact children’s well-being, physically or mentally. Encouraging them to participate in sports activities is an excellent solution.

However, not everyone can handle playing outdoors, especially if they have medical conditions. But instead of letting that ruin the experience, consider doing sports indoors. That way, children can all enjoy and learn life lessons through sports. Fortunately, they have plenty of indoor sports to choose from, such as:

1. Ball Games

Although most are intense and fast-paced, ball games are meant for everyone to enjoy, whether they’re players or spectators. But aside from how fun they are, those who participate develop newfound agility and endurance that can be applied to other aspects of life. Even spectators hone their cognitive abilities when analyzing and creating strategies.

However, some ball games are team sports. A basketball team can’t win the game if only one player does all the work. And winning at indoor soccer in Naperville – much less a league – is impossible if it’s only one against seven or more. With these examples, it’s safe to say that learning to coordinate with others and establish teamwork will encourage children to be more social with their peers.

2. Hockey

Whether played on ice or across the floor, hockey hones players' skills to aim and strike the puck with a stick. Although kids can play hockey themselves, they should play with a team. After all, it can get repetitive if all your child does is hit the goal or any targets laid out. With a team keeping them company, they’ll learn how to work with their fellow players and improve their abilities even further.

3. Roller Skating

While there are many indoor ice rinks, there’s nothing like skating across the smooth flooring on your rollerblades. Since falling on the ice is removed, most children can try roller skating without the danger of countless wrist injuries or hypothermia. However, pay attention to the rink. Some children are sensitive to flashing lights or loud music. If you notice your child reacting badly, remove them from the venue immediately.

4. Badminton

Considering the shuttlecock's sensitivity to wind direction, badminton is the ideal indoor sport for all ages. Unlike most ball games, it’s much less crowded as players focus on precision to return the shuttlecock to the other team with a racquet.

But compared to hockey, badminton only has two players at a time when playing. This indoor sport would be perfect for kids who aren’t comfortable in large crowds and only wish to enjoy the game instead of focusing too much on winning.

5. Swimming

To get the entire body moving, swimming is the perfect indoor sport. Because while the water keeps your kids nice and cool, they must remain mobile to go from one place to another. While they do that, their lungs are strengthened for holding their breath, and their muscle mass is reinforced after staying in motion for so long when swimming.

6. Combat Sports

Self-defense training must be done in a controlled environment under the supervision of a professional. Otherwise, children are bound to do more harm than good. However, there’s no denying how practicing combat sports is the most practical one on the list. Because aside from building up their physical form and mental strength, they can use what they learned to protect themselves from unsavory individuals.

7. Gymnastics

With flexibility and agility as key components, gymnastics are perfect for stretching the muscles without coordinating with other participants. After all, despite how much energy they have, some children are much more comfortable doing their thing alone. And what’s more, they can even practice what they’ve learned at home. Now, instead of staring at a screen, they could better use their time doing gymnastics any time they want.

8. Board Games

Although the sport is confined to some pieces and a board, board games focus on exercising the child’s cognitive functions the most. Granted, they won’t be moving their body the entire time. But similar to combat sports, honing the mind is a practice that can be applied in the long term, especially when making serious decisions or plans.


Even though they’re stuck indoors, that doesn’t mean the only thing children are supposed to do is glue their eyes to screens. Staying stagnate for long periods can hinder their growth, especially for younger children. Therefore, instead of depending on gadgets to keep them occupied, encourage them to try indoor sports.

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