Why You Should Favor Box Opener Tool Over Classic Tools

The usage of modern box opener tools has been on the rise as an essential item to have in your kit. Although classic tools share some common ground, the compactness of a box opener has made the classic tools redundant. The other benefits of box cutters have also made it the preferred everyday carry item.

Full finger covering design

A box opener has a handle that can cover all your fingers while opening boxes, which means you get a good grip on the handle, and it would not hurt your fingers. This is the perfect equipment for anyone who wants to open boxes safely and quickly. The ergonomic finger covering design protects you from any harsh edges.

A classic tool is typically heavy, large, expensive, and quite dangerous if you use it improperly. The asymmetric handle can get quite cumbersome to hold if you must use the other hand to hold on to the box. And you need to make sure that you are using the correct blade, lest it might penetrate the box and damage the contents.

Has a squeeze trigger

Box openers have squeeze triggers, which makes them super handy for home use for both adults and children. You can squeeze-trigger the sharp blades of the tool to cut through the boxes and other cardboard materials. This feature makes the box opener tool easy to put pressure and move the box opener across the surface for a clean cut.

Due to the versatility of a classic tool, most of them come without a squeeze trigger, which makes it hard on your wrist, especially if you are opening too many boxes. Therefore, a classic tool lacks the cutting precision of a box opener. It starts to feel laborious to open and clunky to use after a while.

Box opener blades are safer

The box opener is preferred over a classic tool because it is a much more secure tool. The manufacturers of box openers have spent many years redesigning them. This evolved design greatly reduces blade exposure, making it secure and safe to use. Moreover, each industry has different box openers to specifically cater to the needs.

The safety concern makes a box opener tool a much more favorable option than a classic tool. Box openers reduce injuries, thereby indirectly contributing to lower costs and increased productivity. The finger-friendly box opener has angles that cut materials but resist piercing the skin.

User-friendly retractable blades

A box opener has retractable blades that allow you to set the depth to match the material thickness of the box. The less exposed the blade is, the safer it is. Not only does the retractable blade allow you to set the depth, but you can also retract it for safe storage.

Most classic tools come without retractable blades because they are used for multiple purposes, which means you must always store them in their kit box. This can be cumbersome because when you want to use a single tool in the kit, you must carry the whole kit.

Minimizes the muscle usage

Overuse of classic tools to cut boxes, especially for employees who are in the logistics business, can result in a musculoskeletal disorder. This is a strain injury that is caused by overtaxing a certain group of muscles. Using the wrong tools to open boxes in warehouses, grocery stores, or restaurants can directly lead to muscle strain.

Box cutter, on the other hand, reduces the use of shoulder and arm muscles. They protect workers from muscle injury, thereby saving time and increasing efficiency. Maintain a set of box cutters at home or for your employees and instruct them on how to handle them the proper way.

Box openers are ambidextrous

A box opener is ambidextrous, meaning it is designed for both right-handed and left-handed people. It is usable by both types of workers. The opener tool is equipped with both right- and left-hand thumb guides. This implies that it is not necessary to purchase different tools for right- and left-handed workers.

Classic tools are rarely designed for both right- and left-handed people. They are usually meant for right-handed people since most people are right-handed. However, box openers are designed for both types of people. This makes the box opener tool handier than investing in a classic tool.

Different types of blades

These days most box opener tools come with different types of blades to cater to different uses. They are used not only to open boxes but for various other reasons too. They are not single-purposed but multi-purposed. This makes a classic tool redundant. So, invest in a box opener tool rather than a classic tool.

The multi-purpose blades of a box opener are as sturdy and sharp as that of a classic tool, and they are all easy to use. They can be used to cut anything from fabric and cardboard boxes to thick leather and rope. Furthermore, each blade is ergonomically shaped and provides the correct angle for piercing through the object.


A classic tool may be a jack of all trades, but it is a master of none. A box opener tool is perfect for opening boxes of sizes and shapes without straining your muscles. It is ergonomically designed to avoid injuries to your fingers. The best part is that it comes in various types of blades, so you can also use it for other purposes.

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