Fun Activities to Indulge in Dubai with Family and Kids

Enjoy Dubai with your family and friends with the ultimate fun and entertainment at the Dubai Parks and Resort, Dubai Desert Safari, and Ain Dubai.

Dubai has an incredible number of things to indulge in with family and kids such that your kids can create their own version of an Arabian tale. You can treat your family to a desert adventure through a Dubai Desert Safari, where they spend a night under the moonlit sky or take the skies over the red sand dunes with a hot air balloon or a falconry show. You talk about architectural marvels to catch the attention of young adults. There is plenty to enchant young minds, be it the Ain Dubai Ferris wheel or the extreme adventure at Bounce Dubai. Dubai has everything to offer to make all members of your family happy and cheerful. Let us take you through the fun activities to indulge in Dubai with family and kids.

Ain Dubai

The Bluewaters Island in Dubai welcomes you to enjoy a round on the largest observation wheel, standing tall at 250m above sea level. The 48-passenger air-conditioned cabins help you enjoy scenic panoramic views of Dubai city. Purchase a family pass that will include two adults and two children or a family pass that includes a round of delightful snacks and a drink. Spot as many major landmarks of Dubai as you take a full round. For an exclusive, all-family hangout, book the entire cabin that will be just for your loved ones.

Atlantis Aquaventure

It's your time to see how's life under the sea. Atlantis is no more a mystery lost continent. It's an epic waterpark. Anybody can purchase a ticket for splashing some water fun at the Atlantis Palm Hotel. If you are looking for some adrenaline rush, then the Leap of Faith, a water slide that's almost 100 feet high, will surely satisfy your need for speed. You can also enjoy a raft down the Lazy River and have a fun time together. Certain activities have defined age and height restrictions. You can enjoy delicious treats at restaurants and cafes throughout the park.

Bounce Dubai

Enter the challenging fun as you jump over hundred interconnected trampolines at Bounce Dubai. Featuring among the most popular and visited attractions in Al Quoz, you can enjoy a full day out here with your entire family. Let your little ones somersault at Mini Bounce while the older adults try to bounce off the wall. Practice your baseball skills at the Slam Dunk while enjoying some air. The dodgeball court is ready to welcome you to enjoy a thrilling, high-octane game. You can be guaranteed to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night after bouncing your heart out during the day.

City Walk

It’s time for some shopping as you take to the streets of Dubai with your family. This open-air shopping complex is much beyond just designer labels or high-end brands. There are multiple events like cooking competitions and live performances by artists in the main area. The little ones will be glued to this destination as it has its own exclusive kids' fun and entertainment activities. You can dive into comics and pop culture merchandise at the Geek Nations, indulge in modern games like Bob the Builder, Barney, and Angelina Ballerina, and bring in some imaginative fore to play with the young kids.

Dubai Desert Safari

Entering the heart of the grand Arabian desert and pitching a camp there is great fun and adventurous. Enter the golden dunes through a 4x4 desert terrain vehicle and explore the dunes and the wildlife there. Enjoy a round of desert activities catering to all moods and all age groups. Click the precious moments as you dress in traditional Arabian attire or bask in the mesmerizing sunset. If that was not a hit, you could enjoy some fun activities at the desert camp along with some delightful culinary flavors. The Desert Safari in Dubai is a true adventure and gives you a wonderful feeling of Emirati hospitality right in the heart of the grand Arabian Desert.

Dubai Parks and Resorts

Enjoy a round of amazing mega theme parks, including MOTIONGATE, LEGOLAND, and the Bollywood Parks. Enjoy a round of Riverland entertainment and dining boulevard, with delightful culinary options to match every taste. Each theme park is based on a special theme guaranteed to enhance your little one's creativity and give adults a much-needed break from their routine city life. Welcome to the world of fun and entertainment beyond rollercoasters and waterslides at the Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Kite Beach

Dubai's sands are much more than just a raw desert. Savor a day full of sand and surf at Kite Beach in Dubai. Welcome to the shores of the Persian Gulf as active kids try their hands at kite surfing, stand- up paddleboarding, and wakeboarding. Plenty of water sports to indulge in, water-based fun and adventure. The young kids can build their own sandcastles and other structures. There is a kid’s playground where they can interact and play around with other children or indulge in kid-friendly zip lines. Plenty of shops are available to purchase beachwear and sunscreen as you enjoy the need to tan in the sun’s warmth.


Let your kids engage in some playful learning. There are bubbles to play with for toddlers, and the parents can engage in some puzzle-solving. The young adults can climb through the Toshi's net and play above as they learn a lesson about the forces in air and water with cannons and balloons. Enjoy the smile on their faces as they witness a hurricane in action or race small cars that they made themselves. There are baby-changing and breastfeeding stations available if required. Bring in your own changing clothes as there will be water-based activities involved. Purchase the food at the cafe or bring along your own food.

Ski Dubai

You can escape into a snow wonderland that is also all year round. Everyone in your family can have fun in the snow at Ski Dubai. The young kids can build their snow structures or slide down a snow hill, while the older kids and adults can take to the slopes for a round of snowboarding and skiing. There are varied skiing levels here; a professional can mentor you to hone your skills. The best part here is that you can interact and enjoy with the friendly in-house penguins. Sip in a hot chocolate or coffee or marvel at the amazing offerings in the mall. Your entry fee includes the snow gear everyone would ever need.

Luxury Yacht Charter

Come on a luxury yacht and check out the amazing highlights of Dubai from its shores. Cruise your way through the human-made islands of the Arabian Gulf on this two-hour-long cruise limited to 17 people at one time. You can enjoy a round of swimming or sip some cold beverages as you soak up and enjoy the sun's warmth. Popular landmarks that you can browse through on the luxury yacht charter are the seven-star Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina. In addition, you can enjoy your own private party as you chill out to modern music as you sail through the Dubai coast.

Customize your amazing yacht cruise per your family's requirements and bring ultimate adventure and fun for all your family members.

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