6 Busy Moms Cleaning Hacks for Clean House with Little Kids

Being a mom means having to be present on numerous fronts and always be on alert. As if worrying about kids' duties, chores, and immense workload isn't hard enough, a mom who has little kids tends to get too preoccupied with the house. From cooking, doing the dishes, ironing, and doing other inevitable chores, cleaning represents a whole other dimension sometimes. However, with proper organization, a neatly weekly cleaning schedule, and with these practical hacks, every busy mom would be able to keep up with maintaining their house no matter how small the kids are. 

1. Declutter first

Before you get down to doing dirty work, do your best to clear out the clutter of anything that may stand in your way. Small children leave an abundance of toys, books, and clothes lying all around the home, making your cleaning task more difficult. If you need to vacuum fast or quickly swipe out the dust, declutter everything standing in your way. Put everything back in its place or even get rid of the stuff your kids are no longer using, this will make your cleaning task faster and easier.

2. Use quality cleaning supplies

As a mom, you need to go after and pay attention to all your kids' touch and potentially put it in their mouths. This mainly goes for small children and toddlers who love using their sense of taste to experiment. Hence, when cleaning use only quality eco-friendly cleaning products that are not hazardous, especially when you clean the toys. Find natural pop up sponges to buy made from 100% cellulose that would help you quickly wipe out anything your toddler has spilled around the house. Busy moms know how vital it is to tackle a cleaning problem after a spill, and by using natural and quality cleaning items, you ensure the safety of your children as well.

3. Break things down

Try not to push yourself too hard on a daily basis, but instead tackle one cleaning task at a time. By breaking things down and doing one cleaning task slowly after another you will save yourself loads of time. When you have little kids and a lot of obligations, cleaning the entire house at one go can be daunting and extremely tiresome, instead, focus on one chore at a time. For example, dust-clean the shelves and ornaments one day, scrub the bathroom thoroughly on the weekend, and vacuum one part of the house every other day.

4. Use colorful baskets for storage

Kids end up having tons of toys, and unless you have adequate toys to organize things throughout the house, the cleaning task would be a real pain in the neck. One of the niftiest mom-cleaning hacks includes getting funky baskets for storing kids' toys, blocks, books, and games. Nowadays, you can style up your living room also by adding colorful designer storage baskets and containers to hold toys, magazines, and others.

5. Have a cleaning schedule

Don’t push yourself otherwise you would go ballistic. Instead of overhauling all the rooms all at once, write down a neat weekly schedule to break down your cleaning duties and ensure the house stays meticulously clean. When you have little kids, the best time of the day is when they are napping, so designate your free time to do most of the work then. If you were to set about 25 minutes of cleaning time per day and tackle a small portion when the kids are away or napping, you would always have a presentable and lovely house. If the task is too big a job for you to handle yourself, find out more here to take over this part of the project!

6. Get the kids involved

Teach your little ones the great values in life and make them help you with some cleaning jobs. Delegate tasks around the family, and have your little ones, for starters, fold their clothes, put them in a washing tray, pick out toys, make their bed, and so on. Play some music and make cleaning fun and enticing. Getting kids involved will save you loads of time plus by including them in your busy schedule you will spend more time together.

Every busy mom should aim to spend more of her free time with kids, and by implementing these cleaning hacks, you would make everything happen.

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