7 Effective Ways to Teach Your Kid to Write Essays

Classroom settings do not often provide enough time to practice essay writing, and the technology-driven environment does not give many opportunities to improve the skills. This forces the parents to pick up the slack, and it can be a tough task. But there are several things you can do at home to improve children’s writing skills. 

Basic outline for essay

Every essay starts with an outline that serves as a master plan, including the basic structure and the important elements of the essay. Show your kid how to construct the introduction, main body, and conclusion centered around the outline.

Many kids find it challenging to express their thoughts and ideas in writing. That is where an outline comes into play. It can give them a logical context for the content. An outline shows them where to start and when to stop. Encourage them to start from the main body, summarize it in conclusion, and frame it with an introduction. If you face any difficulty, it is a wise decision to seek external help right at the beginning.

Read regularly 

As a student, the best way your kid can improve writing skills is by encouraging them to read because it can improve their vocabulary. They will learn how to structure sentences well without any grammatical errors. Students who are in the habit of reading soak up and learn from good examples. 

Reading and writing are skills that are intertwined, impacting the student’s ability to submit well-prepared essays for higher grades. Reading exposes your kid to different styles and supports their emerging skills. It can teach them how words used under certain contexts can subtly and significantly change their meaning.


If you find teaching essay writing a challenging task, start with a topic and brainstorm ideas around it. Then write down the ideas as and when you discuss them. You may not have to include everything in the essay that is discussed during the brainstorming session. However, it is a good starting point so that they can form the content of the main body.

Practice writing

  If you are still challenged about how to teach essay writing to your kid, consider making them practice starting from very short paragraphs that form the basis of the essay. Then build on that as they come up with different relevant ideas based on the essay topic. Writing practice is essential as the kids do not get to do them in the classrooms. 

Practice is the best way to improve essay writing skills. Writing practice should be timed and must involve giving instant feedback so that the kids remain motivated. Timing helps eliminate distractions to a large extent. Feedback should be in the form of constructive criticism and should feel like getting reactions from the readers. 

Online tools 

Your task on how to write an essay for kids can be less challenging if you use online tools and technology. However, many educational establishments use plagiarism-checking software to detect copied sentences. So, you need to make sure that they are not copying the sentences verbatim from the internet.  There are online tools that can help you correct grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, thereby simplifying the process. Some software can also help you with proofreading the whole document with helpful suggestions on how to make changes. These tools can save you a lot of time and make your writing process less daunting. 

Have fun 

For parents who are thinking about how to teach essay writing in a fun way, we have some tips for you. You can start by sharing your own colorful experiences when you started writing essays in your school or college days. Share your funny stories when you were assigned essays. That can add a bit of excitement to the learning process.

  Pointing out your failures or silly mistakes you made while writing and delivering your essays can tell your kids that it is normal to make mistakes. It will demonstrate that you had the same experience as they now have. You can then wrap it up by narrating what you did right or how you got through the essay writing process. 


Writing is an essential tool your kid should learn as it is the hallmark of a good education. The essay writing skills parents teach the kids can serve them throughout their lives. Teach them the skills at an age-appropriate level that will provide them with the writing fundamentals. 

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