Celebrate The Season: How to Welcome Fall (And Why You Should!)

The temperature has dropped, and the leaves have just started to change color. The start of fall is definitely here, and with it comes the promise of cozy nights, twinkly lights and a fresh new beginning. Here are some of the ways you can celebrate the season ahead- and why you should!

Update your wardrobe and makeup

The makeup and clothing at this time of the year tends to be most loved by fashionistas. And that’s because it’s so much fun- it’s cool enough to layer up and wear boots, knits and hats but it’s not so cold that you then have to cover everything up with a thick coat. The colors change from lights and pastels to dark and vampy shades- and you can go heavier with your makeup and overall style. It’s a big difference from summer fashion so if you were starting to get a bit bored with your wardrobe and things were becoming stale, this is your sign to invest in some new pieces!

Enjoy fall food and drink

When the weather gets cooler, the foods we eat tend to change too. Celebrate the season by enjoying some delicious hearty, warming meals. Get out the slow cooker and simmer away some flavorful soups, stews and casseroles. Brush up on your cooking knowledge by looking into how long to bake acorn squash, what kinds of recipes can be made with pumpkin, and what are the best fall air fryer meals. Of course, the turn of the season means the coveted pumpkin spice latte and other festive drinks return to coffee shops, so arrange a coffee date with your partner or friends!

Decorate your home

Making simple swaps to your home decor can make all the difference. Change cushion covers to warmer autumnal tones, and add decorative pumpkins, seasonal flowers and other accessories you spot in the shops. Switch out your candles and home fragrance products to more festive smelling versions- spiced fruits and warmers smells are great at this time of year.

Why Celebrate the Changing Season?

The changing season brings with it a blank slate- a chance to start fresh if you need it and this can be great for your motivation. It can stop you from stagnating or feeling stuck in different areas of your life, since it can give you that push you need to set or re-evaluate your goals. Fall in particular has something particularly motivating about it, perhaps it’s because it’s so strongly associated with ‘back to school’ so has always been a time in our lives when we’ve been ready to buckle down and get stuff done!

Celebrating the season is fun, too. It’s romanticizing these sorts of things that can make life beautiful. This can give you a real sense of wellbeing and be excellent for your mental health. It enables you to appreciate the world around you and create a gorgeous world of your own inside it.

What do you love most about the fall?

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