Why You Should Be Thinking About Homeschooling

Does your child find school frustrating, disappointing and even annoying? Are they not motivated enough to learn new things, do their homework, ask questions, or even go to school every morning?

If they do, you should consider Euka home school programs or similar homeschooling programs, which offer an excellent alternative to the traditional schooling system.

Although homeschooling is not new, it has witnessed a rapid surge in popularity over the past few years. Parents have discovered the numerous advantages of educating their children at home rather than sending them to school.

And children couldn't be happier. It provides them with the flexibility of learning at a suitable pace, allows them to pursue their passions, study something they find appealing, and remain stress-free while doing so.

But before you choose a home-based education approach, here are some of its advantages you should know.

It covers all the essential subjects

A good homeschooling program includes all those subjects that you would find in a school's syllabus. Every grade covers the subject areas determined by the Department of Education.

Some subjects included in the syllabus are mathematics, science, humanities and social sciences (economics, history, geography, and civics), technology, health and physical education, and arts and languages.

You can start anytime you want

Alternative schooling programs offer your child the benefit of joining anytime they want, without waiting for an academic term or session to be complete. In most cases, you must select a Starting Term while choosing a Full Year Program. The process is straightforward and convenient.

Complete flexibility while learning

One of the significant advantages of home education is the flexibility it provides while learning. Children can learn at a comfortable pace without being in a hurry to complete the syllabus.

You can adjust the schedule per your child's requirements, provided you meet the Department's minimum requirements.

No worrying about tests and exams

Children spend sleepless nights worrying about tests and exams but homeschool curriculums don't contain either. Instead, they have optional quizzes which the student can undertake to assess their results and identify the correct answers.

Your child can take the quizzes as often as they want, which also gives you an idea of their academic progress.

Do they cover the standard Australian curriculum?

All grade programs cover the Australian curriculum innovatively and creatively. They comprise Work Samples that are created according to the advice of qualified educators and meet the curriculum requirements.

Prepare your child for further education

You can prepare your child for further education with Grade 11 and Grade 12 courses, available under two primary options: teacher-assesses and non-assessed.

In teacher-marked assessments for Grade 11, the teachers of the particular Learning Website mark the students' Work Samples. Once the learner completes Grade 11, they earn a Senior Certificate which they can use to apply to a university through alternative entry pathways.

Alternatively, you can select non-assessed courses for Grade 11 designed for students not looking to enter University. Instead, they can join TAFE, a work-skills college or join the workforce if they want. However, the subject areas and overall syllabus remain the same.

You should consider homeschooling your child from Euka home school programs or a similar learning website offering alternative schooling options. Your child will enjoy the learning experiences in the comforts of their home and achieve better academic results than they would in a traditional schooling system.

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