Natural Defense Against Airborne Pathogens

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With cold and flu season coming up, I was really excited to try FEND which is a safe, natural, and drug free way to boost your body's natural ability to clean the air you breathe. FEND (Fast emergency nasal defense) is the world’s first 100% natural way to filter airborne allergens, pathogens, and other harmful particles from the air you breathe. FEND is a natural mist solution made from a precise blend of hydrating salts. The mist helps your upper airways flush out billions of tiny particles in the air by capturing them on a watery layer as you breathe them in. It is clinically and scientifically proven, and doctor recommended.

Dry airways don’t breathe well. Dryness promotes the generation of respiratory droplets, and our airways fail to clean and filter the contaminants we breathe in. To keep us healthy, our airways need to stay hydrated. That's why airway hydration is the missing link to better health. Using a proprietary mist of perfectly sized droplets and a precise blend of hydrating salts, FEND delivers hydration exactly where it needs to go - from your nose and sinuses to the end of your windpipe. This strengthens your upper airways’ natural ability to clean and filter the air you breathe and keeps dirty air from traveling deep into your lungs or back out into the environment. Fend is not intended to be a simple nasal saline spray. It's supposed to be much more than that - Fend claims it cleanses the upper respiratory airways and boosts your body’s natural immune response by keeping the lungs and the respiratory system cleaner and healthier.

I personally love this because cold and flu season is coming up, plus the kids are going back to school, but my son and I suffer from seasonal allergies in the worst way. So, this has been a game changer for us. FEND is so confident in their product that they challenge you to a 21-day FEND Breathe Better Challenge. If by the time you complete the challenge and are not convinced of the personal benefit of FEND airway hygiene, they will fully refund your initial purchase.

So, when I was doing research, I found the biggest issue that people were having is how to use it. But you simply squeeze the top and bottom of the device firmly while inhaling the gentle mist. Then the mist will automatically stop after a few seconds. Take two deep breaths, three times per day. You can find their How to Use HERE. With two deep breaths of this topnotch nasal spray, you'll instantly provide protection for your airways that lasts up to 6 hours. That is why FEND has been recognized as one of TIME’s Best Inventions of 2020. It also received recognition from Fast Company for World Changing Idea of 2021 and Most Innovative Companies 2022. I love how portable and lightweight it is. It can fit anywhere, your purse, gym bag, and even your pocket. This is a disposable device. FEND is not reusable and not refillable at this time, but the 0.1 fl. oz. lasts an individual approximately 30 days of recommended use.

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What do you think of FEND? Will you be trying it out?

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