A Few Helpful Questions Related to Early Learning Service Providers

It can be difficult to leave your child with someone while you head off to work. And yet, sometimes, that’s the only option. Homecare is helpful to a certain degree but falls short on many counts, and it is the same with a nanny.

A Few Helpful Questions Related to Early Learning Service Providers

Therefore, you should consider a childcare service to give your child excellent early learning opportunities. The sooner you admit them into one of the centres run by Busy Bees or a similar provider, the better it is for their future.

In daycare, children learn, play, and participate in activities together, which builds confidence, empathy, cooperation, and other essential social skills. They enjoy the learning process because of the play-based approach.

The educators also ensure that children develop an enthusiasm for reading, writing, listening, paying attention, and other essential skills that prepare them for schooling. The friendly environment is conducive to their learning process.

So, if you’re wondering about the features, safety practices, nutrition and other things related to these services, here’s what you need to know.

What is a play-based learning approach?

Learning while playing is an essential part of the curriculum that early learning services follow. It helps the children grow mentally, emotionally, and physically and develop a lifelong love for learning and basic skills.

Who sets the curriculum?

The educators create the curriculum keeping the children’s best interests, requirements, and objectives in mind. They follow the policies laid down by the National Quality Framework (NQF), which ensures a child’s overall development.

Teachers at these services usually divide the curriculum into different parts like nursery, toddler, pre-kindergarten, and kindergarten. The reason is the varying requirements of each child, interests, and learning capabilities.

Are the educators qualified?

All the educators at such services hold at least a diploma degree, per the National Quality Standards (NQS) requirements. They support the child’s learning and development, evaluate the educational programs, provide leadership and support, and build meaningful relationships with them.

The teachers should be thoughtful, deliberate and purposeful in their actions and encourage children to learn through questions, feedback and interactions.

Do the centers inform you about the child’s progress?

The centers must regularly inform the parents about their child’s development and progress and evaluate their educational process. They might use an app to send you videos, photos, and audio recordings.

What kind of meals do they provide?

Although the specific food items might vary from one center to another, the practitioners try their best to provide healthy and nutritious food to children. They might prevent you from bringing any food items without the approval of the Service Manager.

If your child has a birthday and you want to bring a cake, you should inform the Service Manager about its ingredients since that will help them avoid giving it to children who are allergic to those ingredients.

Do they prioritize safety?

It is mandatory for the center to ensure the maximum safety of the children, according to the National Quality Standard. The children should have access to indoor and outdoor spaces, while the equipment, furniture and premises must be clean, safe and well-maintained.

However, if a child receives injuries at the premises, the teaching practitioner delivers first aid care and calls the parents if further medical assistance is required.

You can admit your child at one of the centres run by Busy Bees or other childcare providers and be assured of their safety, development and care. Even when you’re away at work, you can always track their progress regularly and ensure they enjoy their early education journey.

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