Role Of Parents in Children's Socialization

Parents are the ones that are near their child from birth to adulthood, and in some unfortunate cases, to death. They are the primary caregivers for their children in their first years of life. When babies are born, they are some tiny humans that need to be taught how to make sense of the world.

Role Of Parents in Children's Socialization

Even though in the first two or three years of life they spend their time mostly with parents, family members, and family friends when they enter kindergarten things change. They will interact with other peers, and as they grow up, they will meet more and more people.

The first interactions a child has are nurtured by parents. And they prove so valuable and impactful for other periods of life, such as adolescence or early adulthood. So, what is the role of parents in children's socialization?

Shaping Behaviors

Many parents are not aware of how powerful the brain is since birth. Even though babies are so tiny and seem like they can’t do much apart from sleeping, eating, and gurgling, they are like sponges. They are paying attention to their surroundings and are in a constant learning process.

By observing their environment and the others, which are most of the time their parents, learn about what it means to be human. Parents are shaping the behaviors of their children.

How? Well, by behaving in a certain way. It’s true that babies and children up to a certain age do not understand the words, but they feel you. If you are open and interact with strangers easily, your children might display this approach. The same goes for you being insecure and uncomfortable.

This is one of the topics that is studied within research centers and colleges too. There are many free examples of essays parents can read on the subject of shaping behaviors and early years. You can even find social issues essay example that highlights more about the importance of good parenting. Reading more about the psychology of a child and the impact parents have will help you become a more aware parent.


Children's socialization is crucial as through this process they learn the values, attitudes, and norms of their group. Even though these differ from culture to culture, they will learn these through traveling. During childhood and not only, but they are also in a constant process of learning. Learning about the world, but about themselves, relationships, and discipline too.

Parents have a crucial impact on how children will develop during adulthood. Some parents are authoritarian, and who are placing immense expectations on children. They will raise children who are dependent on rules, who have low self-esteem, and who might be aggressive.

Parents need to understand that how they behave with their children in their early years will develop into the adolescent and adults they will later be. Yes, discipline is important, as many students' essays show. There is a research paper that suggests parents explaining the reasons behind a rule and supporting them in following it will raise children who are disciplined and socially competent. They will spell for good grades and teacher comments for students’ writing skills will be excellent. Children will deliver compelling grading college papers if they have self-esteem.


The theory of attachment in psychology is an important one and it offers many answers to parents. Wondering if your attachment style influences how your children will form relationships later in life? Well, this is something valid and essential parents need to be aware of.

There are four attachment styles, three organized and one disorganized. The healthiest one is the secure attachment style. The other three are avoidant, anxious, and disorganized or fearful. Parents’ attachment style is important from an early age.

If your children grow up in a nice atmosphere, where you are gentle and nurturing towards them, they will develop into healthy functioning adults. Children, when they will turn into adolescents and then adults, will have an easy way of establishing connections with others and maintaining healthy relationships.

Gender Views

Society is changing and so do gender roles. If a few decades ago the roles of men and women were already decided, with the development of technology, things have changed. How you see the role of men and women will influence the perspective of your children.

We can see this gender separation when it comes to toys. Boys play with blue trucks while girls with pink dolls. Many parents tell their children that they are not allowed to play with a toy of the opposite sex. It is important to let your children experiment and discover what they like, without instilling stereotypes.

Final Thoughts

Children's socialization is essential as, during it, kids learn about their environment, people, norms, behaviors, values, attitudes, and so on.

Parents are the primary caregivers, the ones that shape the behavior and thinking of children. Their attachment style, gender views, and parenting style will model the behaviors of their children and how they will form relationships.

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