Working on Your Feet? Easy Tips to Improve Your Comfort

Anyone who spends most of their day on their feet can attest to how painful it can be. The simple fact is our bodies are not built to stand in one place for long periods of time. We can walk for miles and still not find that as difficult as standing still. Parents and professionals alike who find themselves on their feet for long hours need to take extra care and precautions to offset any stiffness and pain they may experience throughout the day.

Working on Your Feet? Easy Tips to Improve Your Comfort

The good news is that there are a few easy changes that can immediately make a difference. Try these out and see what works for you:

- Upgrade your shoes

Your shoes are going to make a huge difference in how you feel at the end of the day. You want shoes that offer the support you need for the environment you are working in. Chef shoes, for example, not only need arch support and a cushioned insole. They also need a slip-resistant exterior and natural fit in order to safely go about in their work environment.

While the specific features your shoes will need will depend on where you work and what you do, a few key characteristics are going to be universal.

First, your shoe needs to have a natural fit. Most shoes are made too narrow, especially near the toes, which force them together and actually cause balancing issues we are unconsciously adjusting for. A wide, natural fit will immediately help you balance better, while cushioned soles and ankle support can further help.

- Stretch Regularly

There are many stretches that can help improve circulation, reduce stiffness, and improve your overall comfort when working on your feet all day. From ankle stretches to leg stretches, each option tackles the muscles that you are using to hold yourself up while easing pressure away from your joints.

- Mind Your Posture

Your posture will make a huge difference in how you feel at the end of the day. Poor posture, in particular, can put extra pressure on certain joints in your spine and even in your legs, which can compound and cause ongoing pain that requires dedicated effort to fix, if not a professional. This doesn’t mean you need to stay in the same posture but do aim to stand straighter and stretch out often.

- Try to Keep Moving

Our bodies aren’t actually very good at standing in one place all day, so try to stay moving to keep your blood flowing and to reduce the pressure on the balls of your feet. This can be short walks around the floor or even walking in place.

- Aftercare

When at home, you may want to try icing your foot, massaging your feet, and elevating your feet to reduce swelling, stiffness, and pain. Immersing the foot in ice water for 20 minutes after work can reduce swelling and inflammation in one go, which then allows the body to start healing from the many micro-damages that standing has inflicted on our system throughout the day.

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