Adjusting To Life With A New Baby

If you thought that pregnancy involves a lot of changes to your lifestyle, then motherhood is going to seem like a challenge, indeed. There’s no doubt that it takes work and effort to make your own way of life when there’s a baby in the mix, but it’s far from impossible. After all, women have been doing it for millennia. You need to be prepared to spend money and have financial stability as Nuna, Premium Car Seats, Pushchairs, and Baby Gear AU do add up, but it is all a necessity. The modern world makes it easier in some ways and tougher in some, but here are some tips that are going to help you learn about adjustments you might need to make, and how you can do them.

Be realistic about your expectations of parenthood
If you’ve been reading any books published about parenting or any tips and guides online, you should always be ready to be mindful of your expectations. You have to be realistic about how easy it may or may not be to find a sleep schedule, to maintain your social life, or to otherwise “be good” at parenting. You’re likely to have challenges initially. It’s a learning process, so you shouldn’t beat yourself up if you have some trouble along the way. So long as your baby ends up safe, cared for, and has their needs fulfilled, then you’re doing just fine.

Changing how you sleep
One of the biggest changes you’re going to experience, right off the bat, is that you’re not going to get as much sleep as you used to for a while, and when you do sleep is going to change as well. Babies don’t know night from day, at the start. As such, they tend to be up whenever they want and to sleep whenever they want, typically in short bursts. At first, this can mean a hectic schedule or feeding them, cuddling them, and then napping while they sleep. Helping them find their sleeping schedule after about three months is going to help, some, but you better get good at taking micro-naps when they’re also napping during the day because most parents are operating on a lack of sleep, to be blunt.

Get ready to feed them a lot
As mentioned, you should expect feeding your baby to become something that you have to keep in mind around the clock. You should make a decision as to whether you’re going to breastfeed or use formula and stay consistent. Right at the start, babies need to be fed twelve times a day. This evens out as time goes on, but you should always be ready to feed on demand. If they’re moving their hands to their mouth, trying to suck on things, such as their fingers, or starting to fuss and cry, then it’s usually a good sign that they need a feed. You might also want to ask about vitamin D supplements, which sometimes babies don’t have an easy time getting through breast milk alone.

Keep yourself flexible
You might have a whole host of plans and projects that you want to complete in your personal life but when you’re dealing with a baby that needs your attention all throughout the day, it’s a good idea to put those off. You don’t want to commit yourself to any plans that are going to regularly take time from you, and planning things for a specific time of the week is likely to lead to cancellations. Make sure that you’re flexible with your plans, taking into account the baby’s need for you at any time of the day.

Driving with baby
You’re going to need to get out and about eventually, when that happens, you naturally need to accommodate your baby while traveling. If you’re using public transport, this might not be any more difficult than taking your pram on with you but, when you have a car, then it’s all about car seat installation. Choosing a good car seat and practicing buckling it in ahead of time can help you avoid the mess of trying to figure it all out while you’re also trying to get to your destination in time. You need to make sure that you’re fully aware of which direction the seat is supposed to face, as well as any stabilizing features to help keep the seat in place, too.

Strolling with baby
Of course, you’re not going to be in a car all of the time when you’re out with your baby. To that end, you need to consider where you’re going, how long you’re going to be on your feet, and what the best way to bring your baby is. A Moses basket or carrier might be a-okay for some shorter trips, such as taking them from the car and into a family member’s home or a cafe. For longer trips, you should think carefully about what kind of stroller you need. Convenience, function, and good storage space are the keys to a decent stroller.

Set some guidelines when it comes to visitors
It’s very likely that, shortly after your child’s birth, you’re going to be hearing from a lot of people about their intentions to visit and to see the child for themselves. It can be very valuable to give them the time to start building their relationship with your new baby and you might find that your most frequent visitors also become some reliable friends when it comes to caring for your baby or even babysitting. However, as time-consuming, as it can be, you should make sure to set times that are good for you and your baby for them to visit. Ensure that they wash their hands before handling the baby and be mindful of any symptoms that they might be under the weather, and to stay home if they have them.

How parents’ relationships change with each other
If you are parenting with your partner, then you can expect your relationship with them to change and evolve as time goes on, as well. At first, it might seem like it’s all for the negative, as you might seem to lose the ability to have fun when you’re both so dedicated to caring for this new child that needs attention, love, and care all the time. As you settle into the new routine with your baby and their sleep gets better as time goes on, it’s important to make some time for each other, even if it only means having a relaxing meal or movie time together while the baby is asleep in the next room.

Don’t punish yourself for needing a break from the routine
It’s an important part of parenthood to establish frequent feedings, as well as formal bedtime rules to make sure that your baby starts getting into their new schedule. However, sometimes, you might find yourself having to break these rules, such as staying up a little later or allowing someone else to feed them so you can enjoy a moment of peace to yourself. A lot of parents can feel a little guilt for breaking from the routine, but it can be essential for your mental health to give yourself time to take a breather every once in a while, and you’re not going to be doing any harm to your baby. A little break is not the same as being negligent.

Of course, we haven’t covered every single change to your lifestyle that comes with your baby and what you can do to adjust to them, here, but hopefully, you’ve seen the pattern of preparation and flexibility are key. Those fundamental approaches are going to help in most situations.

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