Top Destinations to Travel to in Summer 2022

Let’s admit the fact that none of us wants to get out of our cozy blankets at the moment. The feeling of being wrapped up with our plush blankets is simply heaven. But as we all have experienced an "in-house" situation a lot, in the past two years; having travel plans for 2022 just seems right.

Top Destinations to Travel to in Summer 2022

So why not get your travel list ready? As soon as the harsh winter winds slow down, embark on a trip that has been long awaited. We all deserve a good, refreshing trip. But where? Well, the traveling trends have changed and so have the measures of traveling too. Thus, we have summed up the top best places to visit in summer 2022.

Here are all the places that are on travel trends for the coming year. Let’s dive in and pick the destination that seems just right for us.

Top 5 Destinations to Travel to in 2022

1. Costa Rica:

If you want to rejuvenate and calm down your mind from all the hassle, stress and anxiety that has made life tougher, over the past two years then no place would be better than Costa Rica. This is a magical place for the human mind, body and soul. It is none less than a paradise. Wildlife experience, nature surroundings and a lot of time at the beautiful beach; you will feel rejuvenated to the best. And while you are planning to hit the beach, don't forget to keep the best self-tanner 2022 with you too.

As travel experts stating that sustainable travel will be a huge trend in 2022, Costa Rica is a great place to plan for.

2. Singapore:

Are you planning a longer holiday? Well, nothing would be better than Singapore then. This is a perfect, luxurious city to visit. At the moment, Singapore has the most effective responses to the pandemic. Thus, it is a safe place to opt for.

From eye pleasing skyscrapers to huge shopping malls and from waterfalls to beautiful, lush green gardens; there is a lot to explore in Singapore. Also, the cuisine variety is to die for. If you are someone who loves to try out new cuisines, then this place won’t fail to impress you.

3. Ireland and Great Britain:

If you want a combination of nature and history, then Ireland and Great Britain would be a great pick for you. It has some of the most beautiful, breathtaking landscapes. Also, you get to enjoy some of the best historical sites too. Scottish Highlands, Stonehenge and Giant's Causeway; some of the most famous places that are loved by tourists.

The locals are also super friendly which makes it easier to roam around here. It is certainly a great place to visit in 2022.

4. Greece and Italy:

Greece and Italy are two definite destinations that don't ever let you down. You are bound to have a good time here. With the romantic cities and stunning islands to eye-catching sites and ancient history; these destinations are a package in themselves for a wonderful trip.

Also, after winters, this sunny place will feel just right. Wander off through Tuscany and enjoy the beaches of Santorini to have the time of your life. And the best part is that combining a trip for both Italy and Greece are very easy. You can have the time of your life after the pandemic.

5. Scandinavia:

If you want to visit a destination that feels extra and is luxurious then Scandinavia is the best place for you. With luxury hotels located on the side of fjords and premium trains running through the mountains; nothing can feel more extravagant than this destination. From royal history dripping from every lavish palace to cities that boom with style and the best restaurants adding up to the luxury; everything is simply on spot. This is certainly one of the must have places on your travel bucket list for 2022.

Can we Travel During this Pandemic?

Travel has been on and off during these tough times. Some days it has been great and other days it has been an impossible journey as getting out of the house has been a challenge. However, with the vaccinations playing a huge role in gaining control over the pandemic, life is getting back to normal. But it is very important to consider the traveling guidelines that have been set by your legal authorities. If you need to get a booster; it is best to get it done. Make sure that you carry your safety tools like a mask and sanitizer along with you.


We might not be free of the pandemic completely, but we are absolutely happy to have gained the freedom that we all have been waiting for. Thus, it is time to get your travel plans made. With 2022 just around the corner, we have mentioned the top 5 destinations that can be one of the most magical places to visit in the coming year.

Sit down, set your budget and plan your trip before it's too late. We all deserve the fun that we have been looking forward to. Just remember to get vaccinated and follow your safety measures, where you go!

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