How to Prepare Your Car for Journeys with Kids

How to Prepare Your Car for Journeys with Kids

Whether you are planning a long road trip across the country, or just regularly driving your children to playdates, adequately preparing your car is key for safety, as well as peace and quiet. Having children in the car can be extremely stressful, regardless of the length of the journey. By preparing your car in advance, you can ensure everyone stays safe, and you can avoid the host of inevitable complaints and problems that will arise!

Safety first

It is first vital that you ensure your car is fit for travel. If you don’t have a car yet or need a replacement vehicle, you must take time to research what vehicle will suit you, your family, and your travel needs best. Consider the size to fit everyone in, additional space for car seats or booster seats, and the safety features that are offered. Make sure you speak to reputable dealers, such as edmunds.

When you have a vehicle, you should create a safety checklist that you can use before any journey. This should include checking the fluids such as oil, screen wash, and coolant, the headlights and brake lights, tire pressure, and car seats are securely fastened. You should also pack items that will help you if you get stuck in the unfortunate situation of breaking down. This should include water, snacks, money, a torch, a reflector badge, coats, battery pack, first aid kit, important contact numbers such as for your breakdown cover, and anything else you may find useful.

Key items

Packing to keep your children entertained is a great way to make the journey as comfortable, and peaceful as possible. This should include water and snacks, preferably ones that don’t cause too much mess, for example, carrot and cucumber sticks, chocolate bars, fruit, etc. This will help you to avoid the dreaded hunger complaints, however, if there is too much liquid consumed you may need to schedule regular toilet stops!

You may also consider packing books, coloring books, games consoles, or headphones so that your children can keep themselves occupied on the journey. The time will go much quicker for them if they are busy. Alternatively, you could plan a few games up your sleeve, such as the number plate game, or eye spy, to keep them engaged in the back seats. When children are distracted and having fun, they are less likely to worry about the journey. This is a great tactic for children, especially if they get anxious on long journeys, or car sick.

Regular pit stops

If you are planning a long journey, regular pit stops are a great way to allow your children to stretch their legs, run around, and release any pent-up energy they have. It might even help them sleep for part of the journey too! These are great to break up the journey to make it more manageable for everyone, and allow for toilet stops too, which are inevitable. If these are planned into your schedule, it makes the process much less stressful.

Taking a little time before a journey to ensure the car is safe, and adequately prepared for your children, can make the journey much more peaceful, and comfortable for everyone!

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