Quick Considerations for a Weekend Away

Big vacations and weekends away have been in sparse supply the last few years. Traveling has been difficult for many. But if you are daydreaming about your next weekend away, here are some quick planning tips that can make it a breeze.

Quick Considerations for a Weekend Away

A short getaway can be incredibly refreshing, and something that we all deserve. A few days to relax!

Type of Trip

What type of weekend away are you hoping for? Perhaps you just want to spend the weekend curled up in a hotel bed and do little else. After all, this is your time and you have to do what makes you feel great. If you just need a little break, then it might be better to check hotel prices near me, and book something close by.

Think about what you need to get out of the trip, and take your time to plan it.

Peak time

If you have the luxury to avoid the peak prices of holiday seasons, then try to make sure you book over that period. The peak prices can send prices skyrocketing, making a short weekend getaway the same price as a full luxury vacation.


If you are hoping to enjoy stunning weather, make sure that you check the weather in that location before booking. Some countries have months of rain and darkness, and unless that is something you will enjoy - avoid choosing those times.

It is also just as important to consider the highest temperatures that you can comfortably manage. Humidity can feel almost suffocating and will make your weekend away quite tiring rather than refreshing.


Think about what you might ordinarily wear over the space of two days, and you might see that you don’t need to pack a lot of items. Instead, you can probably get away with packing a small carry-case, and that’s it.

Really all you need is a spare outfit and some comfortable shoes - and perhaps a camera so that you can capture some memories while you are away.


You might be in the luxury position that you don’t need to fly to your destination. Instead, you may be able to get last-minute train deals or drive. Driving or going by train are often less stressful than going by plane too.

Set up Google Alerts for flight deals to the location that you wish to go to, and compare the two costs and travel time. Choose the one that will give you the most time to relax.

Budget spending

One of the nicest things about weekends away is that they don’t tend to stack up too quickly in terms of cost. Since you are only there for a few days, you only need to cover the costs of a few meals on top of the travel and accommodations.

Try to put some money aside each week in the lead-up to your trip so that you can afford to eat at a fancier restaurant if you want to.

A weekend away can be the perfect thing to perk you up after a stressful time or just to give yourself some time to unwind.

Perhaps you are looking for a family getaway instead? In which case, check out this post: Taking Your Family On A Luxury Holiday.

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  1. We all need a little time to ourselves and these little trips can be great. I like to go for short trips to go have fun recharge then come back to the kids.


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