Ways to Have a Great Night Out in a Bar When You Don’t Drink

Ways to Have a Great Night Out in a Bar When You Don’t Drink

When you want to socialize with friends who insist on meeting in a bar, but you’re taking a break from alcohol, it may seem like it will be a dull evening. There are plenty of ways to have a great night out in a bar, even if you’re sober. Here are some suggestions.

Meet someone

If you’re single and looking to meet someone, it can be an advantage if you’re sober. Your judgment will be better, and when you try to strike up a conversation, you’ll make more sense than if you’ve had too much to drink. Otherwise, you might end up saying the wrong thing or arranging to meet someone who isn’t a good match for you.

If you need a confidence boost, you can treat yourself to a pair of Ray-Ban prescription glasses. So, as well as being sober, you’ll also look stylish in whichever pair suit you best. Some people are self-conscious about wearing glasses when trying to make a good impression, but there’s a pair suitable for everyone. So, you won’t have to choose between how you look or risk making a fool of yourself because you can’t see properly. Instead, you can feel comfortable knowing that whichever pair you opt for, they’ll enhance your look.


It may seem like you have to be drunk to take part in a karaoke night, but there are some benefits to doing this sober. You’ll hear yourself better. Compared to being drunk and thinking you sound great; you’ll be able to adapt and improve how you sound. You’ll also be clearer and less likely to slur. Besides, even if you’re still tone-deaf, most of your friends will be drinking, so they will be too drunk to notice or won’t remember much about it the next day.

Enjoy mocktails

Going without alcohol in bars used to be boring, with lemonade as the most likely alternative. Now you can experience the taste of alcoholic drinks without the alcohol. If you’re a cocktail fan, mocktails are a great substitute. The fruity taste and bright colors can make you forget you’re not drinking. You can also enjoy a meal in a bar.

Soft drinks or mocktails are often cheaper too, and you can look after your drunk friends and ensure they don’t do anything too outrageous. Although, if they do, you can tell them all about it when they sober up.

Watch a gig

Many local singers and small bands now perform in bars. So if you like hearing new music and potentially seeing musicians before they make it, bars are a cheap option for attending a gig. If you like their music, you’ll be more likely to remember them and be able to look up their other songs and gigs the following day.

You can still socialize and see friends without having to drink. Most bars cater to people wanting to enjoy a gig or have a fun night out with friends without getting drunk. So, the night can be memorable, and you’ll be clear-headed and better equipped to make decisions while looking out for your friends.

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