How To Prepare For Having Two Children

Preparing yourself for parenthood is one thing. Preparing yourself for a second child is another. Whether or not your first child is a lot to deal with, having two children can be a lot to juggle for anyone.

How To Prepare For Having Two Children

If you have recently taken a pregnancy test and know that a second child is on the way, here are some things to make having two children easier.

Give your first child as much attention

If your two children will be under two years old, they will easily feel left out if you give the other more attention. Therefore, it is essential that you give your firstborn as much attention as your newborn. Although this will be difficult to do personally, you can achieve it by getting help from parents, partners, or friends.

Asking for help will ensure that your first child still receives as much attention from you. From time to time, whoever can help you can look after your newborn so that you can spend some quality time with your firstborn. Plus, they can take care of your firstborn so that they get the maximum attention possible.

Your firstborn will be older and more affected by less attention. If they are old enough to understand the concept of a sibling, you won’t want them getting upset or feeling left out. Thus, ensure to give them plenty of attention.

Have well-stocked cupboards

Although babies and toddlers do not always eat a lot of food, they can often be fussy. Hungry children are easily frustrated and sometimes very hard to deal with.

Therefore, having well-stocked cupboards will ensure that you can maintain the satisfaction of your children and give them options when they choose to be fussy.

Remember to have downtime

When you are juggling two children, it can be difficult to get time to yourself. However, time to yourself is important. Without it, you will likely experience burnout and easily become stressed.

Schedule downtime every now and then so that you can have time to rest and reset. You could set your children down each night and get an hour to yourself, which allows you to have time to physically and mentally reset.

Get a double buggy

Should you have two small children after having your second, you might require assistance when you go out for walks. Therefore, a double buggy is a great investment so that you can enjoy your walk while your children can stay comfortable.

If your older child is walking, it will help to have a standing spot for them attached to the buggy (with wheels underneath) so that you can satisfy their needs. You won’t want them running off or walking alone as that poses danger. Therefore, having somewhere for them to stand if they wish will ensure that you can enjoy pleasant walks.

Having two children can be hard work but very rewarding. When you are well prepared and know how to manage two, you can make parenthood much easier and less stressful.

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  1. These are great tips. I will pass this on to my daughter.


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