How To Accept Your New Body As A Mom

When you have a baby, your body goes through immense changes. Your body expands and grows in ways you couldn’t even imagine, and you have to learn to give in to nature’s tide. However, despite the inevitability of your body’s changes, so many Moms struggle with body image during and after pregnancy.

How To Accept Your New Body As A Mom

With a new baby to look after, you have barely any time to think about yourself. But as you begin to venture back out into the world, your body image worries might begin to surface, and it can be difficult to feel confident as you meet people and go back to work.

If you are struggling to accept your new body as a Mom, this blog is for you. Let’s take a look at some sage advice for Moms who want to feel fabulous and beautiful no matter their size or shape.

Find other Moms to discuss your insecurities with

As a Mom, you might find that nobody seems to understand your worries and insecurities - apart from other Moms. You could find that your bodily insecurities are shrugged off by others, even your husband; as much as he may sympathize, he may not fully empathize with how your body has changed and how it makes you feel.

If you find yourself feeling blue about your bigger, different Mom body, the best thing you can do is find other Moms to discuss it with. You might find a huge amount of solace in the advice and empathy of other Moms who have been through the same process as you. Embracing and adjusting to your body can take a lot of time and patience, so surrounding yourself with women who can help you on the road to acceptance is vital.

Focus on health, not image

If you are trying to lose weight after having your baby, it is crucial to focus on health rather than image. Your body will take months, or even years, to return to a similar size that it was before; your health, however, can’t be on hold for this amount of time. You might fall down the rabbit hole of constantly weighing yourself and measuring your waistline; this is unhelpful, both for your mental and physical health.

Taking care of your skin during and after pregnancy is an important step in restoring postpartum wellbeing. Skincare products can aid in giving you an instant confidence boost, as a regular skincare routine keeps your skin nourished, helping it remain firm, hydrated and looking radiant. You may consider using Evertone skincare products to support you through this journey, which will help you diminish the appearance of stretch marks by removing dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, stimulating skin renewal, and lightening hyperpigmentation all while keeping skin soft and radiant.

Finding a healthy routine as a new Mom means attempting to balance sleep, healthy eating, gentle exercise and, of course, your baby’s needs. This can be a challenge at first, especially with a newborn; newborns take up huge amounts of time, so don’t worry too much about your regime during the newborn period! However, once your baby becomes less constantly dependent on you, you can begin settling into an exercise and healthy eating routine that focuses on your inside health, rather than your outside image.

One way to focus further on your mental and physical health rather than your appearance is to avoid scrolling through social media, comparing yourself to younger, thinner women than you. This can only end in feeling worse about yourself, so try to use social media for good - follow Mom accounts and body positive influencers who encourage you to embrace your body as it is, not as what it could be in the future or what it was in the past.

If you do desire to lose weight for health reasons, you should discuss this with your doctor. You can find great programs to follow, or even invest in a weight loss injection that can help you shed the pounds you need.

Invest in clothing that fits your new physique

Being a new Mom means saying goodbye to your old life and welcoming your new one. Being a parent changes everything about your life, and your body is one of the things that changes most drastically. If you sit around staring at all your old clothes, wishing you could still wear them, you are unlikely to be able to embrace your new body. It’s time to invest in clothing that suits and fits your new physique.

Making this investment allows you to feel fresh and fabulous in your new body, rather than comparing yourself to the old version of you that you might miss. Your new clothes help to usher in the new era of your life, and say goodbye to the good old days that made you who you are.

Final thoughts...

Making peace with your new body as a mom can be very challenging, but with helpful advice from other Moms and a few investments in your health and wardrobe, you can begin to feel at home in your skin once again.

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