How to Balance Your Career with a New Baby

Parenthood is one of the best gifts in life. This fulfilling journey does come with plenty of challenges though. A perfect work-life balance when taking care of a baby may feel impossible. While this can admittingly be very difficult to juggle, you’ll receive so much gratification for being able to juggle your career with parenting. These tips are to help you maintain your sanity and energy while working a full-time job.

How to Balance Your Career with a New Baby

Let Go of Guilt

There’s this social stigma for parents, specifically mothers who work full-time. They are judged as if they’re abandoning their children because they still pursue their career. This sexist stereotype has unfortunately not gone away after all these years. While it’s fine if some mothers choose to be a stay at home moms, it should be understood that not all women get to have the luxury of making this decision. Regardless of your reasoning for working during your first few years of motherhood, never allow anyone to make you feel bad for supporting your family. Let go of any guilt that you have, because you’re better than that. You’re making sacrifices and showing love to your family for what you’re doing.

Search for a Caregiver

Hiring a nanny or asking a loved one to babysit are both great ways to help alleviate some of the stress of juggling parenthood and your career. A caregiver is very helpful especially if you’re baby has spastic cerebral palsy. It’s very important to communicate with them on a daily basis about the well-being and the development of your child. You can also ask them to make a daily journal of what went on throughout the day so you won’t feel as if you’re missing out on these important developments.

Work Efficiently

This tip for new parents doesn’t necessarily have a guarantee, but if you try to work effectively, there may be the chance of freeing up time to spend with your kids. This means using your break time at work effectively and try to get as much work done within a day. This work strategy could have the potential of lightening the workload or even increasing the chances of having no work during your evenings or weekends.

Learn to Say "No"

While having social opportunities, such as happy hour with your coworkers is fun. You should know that you don’t need to go to every work or social opportunity. You’ll want to spend as much time with your family, especially if you’re a new parent. If you say “yes” to certain events, ask if you can bring your child. Exposing your child can help with their developmental skills anyways such as interests and social skills. Just learn to say decline events, but if there is something you want to do, just ask about the options.

Get Creative with Chores

When it comes to any demanding schedule, it can at times feel impossible to squeeze in tasks. If you’re working from home, then juggling your newfound parenthood, work, and managing the household may be slightly feasible. However, if you’re needing to go to the office, things can be tough. If you have a partner, discuss with them how the chores can be broken up. Another option could also be taking advantage of services. There are apps where you can do your grocery shopping and the items get delivered to your home. Other services such as HelloFresh can really help with planning out quick dinners. These sorts of services can alleviate stress and free up some time.

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