Screen Free Road Trip Games Plus Free Printables

Traveling this year? We have been doing some traveling of our own (check us out on Instagram) and I have been creating some fun free printables for you to enjoy full of screen free games to play in the car!  Introduce a new game every hour. Here are some suggestions that are fun and easy to travel with.

Print our free coloring sheet for a United States road trip. Color each matching license plate until you fill it up! You can use it on multiple trips through out the year or if you are going on a long road trip. Click on the image below to print.

License Plate Road Trip Free Printable Screen Free Game

Tired of hearing "Are we there yet?!". Here is a great way to avoid that question over and over. Print and Velcro this car to your car's roof. Move it every milestone, for our family that is rest stations.

Road Trip A-Z I Spy. List something you see that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

Road Trip I Spy A-Z Free Printable

And for the younger ones, Road Trip Bingo. Color each symbol as you find them. Check out the Road Trip Bingo I found HERE or you can print one with pictures that they don't have to read HERE.

Road Trip Bingo Free Printable

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