5 Ways to Save Money While Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

In recent years, the term ‘environmentalism’ has been replaced with ‘sustainability.’ Rather than just protecting the environment, the emphasis has shifted to include protecting social and economic resources as well, so that future generations may thrive.

Though everyone knows they should integrate sustainability into their lives, it’s a bit more complicated in practice. Buying local, organic food, replacing plastic wrap with beeswax, and buying from ethical clothing lines isn’t realistic for many. If you’re looking to implement sustainable practices in your life and save money while doing it, here are five strategies you can use right now.

Buy in-season produce

While local and organic produce is generally quite expensive, it becomes more affordable when you only buy in-season products. In-season fruits and vegetables are often locally sourced, while those delicious bananas come from afar in the middle of winter. Not only is in-season produce more affordable, but it’s higher in nutrients as well.

Keep an eye out for produce that’s on sale, and build your meals for the week around this. Your wallet and the environment will thank you for it.

Get into gardening

To save even more on your produce, grow it yourself. Food that comes from your backyard is healthier than store-bought produce and often tastes better as well. Gardening is also an excellent way for busy moms to de-stress.

What you’re able to grow will depend largely on your climate and geographical location. If you have a short growing season, increase it by investing in a pop-up greenhouse. You can pick one of these up for under a hundred bucks. The investment is well worth it!

Connect to a community solar farm

Despite paying off eventually, solar panels are a costly investment. If you can’t afford to switch your home over to solar energy, consider community solar. By joining a community solar farm, you get the benefits of solar energy without installing anything yourself. Simply lease power from a solar farm in your area and get a guaranteed discount on electric bills.

If you live in a sunny state, you can search the internet for solar farms near you. If there aren’t any in your area and you’re willing to pay the upfront costs, consider installing residential solar panels on your home.

Adopt traditional cleaning methods

To save money and water, try using your dishwasher less often. Even by just washing half of your dishes by hand, you’ll run the dishwasher much less frequently. If the convenience of your dishwasher is something you just can’t pass up, there are other ways to save on energy.

After the laundry comes out of the washing machine, hang it up to dry. You can also unplug electronics when they’re not being used; you’ll be shocked by how much you save! The strategies for using less energy are almost endless.

Buy items second-hand

Ethical clothing is expensive, making it an unrealistic option for many. Electronics, books, and furniture can also be purchased used. To save money on clothing and reduce fast fashion waste, buy your clothing used from thrift shops.

If there aren’t any charming second-hand shops in your area, check out ThredUp, an online thrift store. You can filter items based on the amount of use and even get pieces that still have their tags!

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