How to Get Grocery Essentials Delivered So You Never Have to Leave The House Again

Whether you are starting to venture out into the world again or not, there is now a gas shortage so buying essentials online just seems to be the way to go. I have been doing a ton of research and these seem to be the best options available whether you are getting food delivered, ordering food online, ordering your groceries, and more.

How to Get Grocery Essentials Delivered

Ordering Groceries

So we order all of our groceries through Kroger Pick Up. A lot of stores have this option now, but we were using it before the pandemic hit. We order on the app and pick up at a time that fits our needs. It has also helped us save money because there are no longer in store impulse buys. But there are options to have your groceries picked up by someone else and delivered to your door. Most delivery trucks run on diesel so stores will still have access to food.

A great delivery option is Instacart. It's really easy! Use the app or visit to shop from all your facorite retailers and browse the aisles online. Shop from local and national retailers. You can get groceries (and more) delivered in as fast as 2 hours-household essentials, office supplies, and alcohol are also available through Instacart. Now, with contactless delivery, you can have your grocery bags safely left at your doorstep. They do have a great way to communicate with them so you can get what you need if they do need to substitute something.

Meat was an essential that was hard to find in store during the pandemic, so I wanted to make sure I shared some options with you that you may not have heard about if you eat meat. Butcher Box is a great option to get meat products delivered to your door. Butcher Box meat is frozen at the peak of freshness and individually vacuum-packaged. All of their boxes, whether curated or custom, are filled with a specific amount of dry ice that's carefully calculated based on your geographic location. You'll receive a tracking number the night your box ships, and your box should arrive 1 - 3 days after. They ship Monday - Wednesday for FREE and for arrival by Friday in most cases. Your box will arrive by its due date and you should refrigerate as soon as possible. New members receive 2 New York strip steaks, 6 burgers, and 5 lbs. of drumsticks for free in their first ButcherBox until May 31st.

Perdue Farms is another great option as well. Stock up on chicken and other farm fresh premium proteins delivered from Perdue Farms to your doorstep. No subscription necessary. Plus you receive a free item in every order! Use code FLAVOR10 for 10% off (excludes most bundles), free shipping over $159.99.

I feel like this one needs to be said because I don't know if many people are aware of this being an option or not, but Amazon Fresh will deliver groceries to your door as well. And if wine is your thing, you can get 40% off wine you choose sent to your door however often you'd like through Winc!

 Meal Subscription Services

Meal subscriptions send you exactly what you need to your door for the meals you select to create and they include the instructions. I have tried many boxes including EveryPlate, Green Chef, and Home Chef. But if you would like your meals already prepared and delivered to your door, Doorstep Meals is the perfect option. Everything is pre-portioned and delicious plus you can freeze it if you don't need to eat it right away. Again, these come on delivery trucks and most delivery trucks run on diesel, so this may be a great option to look into. Only concern is that you would have to plan ahead.

Last, but not least Laundry Supplies including toilet paper and sanitizing products. Maybe you don't include these supplies in your regular grocery budget, but many of us still buy them at the same place with our groceries. Amazon of course is a great place to buy laundry supplies, if you don't make your own. But I highly suggest Grove Collaborative. From natural household to personal care, everything at Grove is healthier for you and the planet. Plus you can snag a Free Mrs. Meyers Gift Set right now as well or a free baby bundle.

I'm still looking for Prescription and Medications that can be delivered to your door. I did find that you can through some places like Walgreens on certain medications. I will keep this updated on what I find. If you find anything, please feel free to share in the comments below.

Another thing I noticed is that places aren't letting you try on clothes right now, which is the whole point of shopping in store in my honest opinion. So if you are like me and frustrated with finding clothes that fit you, I recommend StitchFix. I had a great experience over the summer with them. I understand it can be a little pricey, but you can ask for cheaper clothing option, you don't have to keep what you don't like, and you can get a free styling credit if you sign up through my link.

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