10 Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive on Any Budget

Many homeowners dream of a complete kitchen makeover. However, once they see the price associated with their dream kitchen, they realize they have to pay back some. Fortunately, small changes in a room have a major impact on the overall finished product. When you go to renovate your kitchen, make use of the following ten tips.

10 Tricks to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive on Any Budget

Choose Hardware Carefully

Cabinets account for a significant portion of any kitchen remodeling budget. When choosing the cabinets, it is okay to settle for more basic units. They can easily be transformed into amazing furnishings simply by the choice of hardware. Little details take a plain room and make it amazing, so never overlook the small stuff.

Select Light Colors

Light colors make any space look larger and more expensive. Paint the walls a light color and bypass the walnut cabinets for ones in a lighter shade. Light colors help to reflect light, which is why many historic homes made use of pale shades throughout. Furthermore, they help to conceal any damage to the cabinets, walls, and more.

Update Cabinet Doors

Why replace good cabinets when they can be updated simply by changing the doors? If the framework remains solid, focusing solely on the doors and hardware helps to cut the kitchen remodeling budget significantly. Sand and refinish the existing doors or purchase new ones. The doors can even be removed to create open shelving if that blends with the overall theme of the room. You may even hire experienced kitchen remodeling contractors to help you with the transformation. While it may sound expensive, they can usually complete the job for less than you think. Plus, you can be sure the job is done correctly.

Invest in New Lighting

Brighten your kitchen with the help of pendants and chandeliers. Doing so changes the entire mood of the room. By updating the lighting, you add personality to the space and a touch of flair.

Incorporate Artwork

Who says artwork doesn't belong in the kitchen? An amazing piece of art takes any room to the next level, and the kitchen is no exception. Big and bold pieces leave viewers with the illusion of more space. Renters often use this technique when they can't change other things, as they want to call this space their own.

Paint Appliances

Many people cannot afford stainless steel appliances. Manufacturers recognized this and now offer a paint-on stainless steel finish. With this product, every person can have the kitchen they dream of at a price they can afford.

Purchase Window Treatments

Countless individuals never put window treatments in their kitchen because they assume they will just get dirty. Don't leave the windows bare or cover them with mini-blinds. Invest in quality window treatments that can be washed when needed to update the entire look of the room.

Freshen the Breakfast Nook

Add some decorative touches to the breakfast nook. This may be fresh flowers changed daily, a statue in the corner, or throw pillows. These accents make the nook a place people want to gather.

Invest in New D├ęcor

Purchase several items for the kitchen and change them out regularly. This may be a fruit bowl or a spoon rest that you can change with the seasons. It might also be the throw pillow you added to the breakfast nook. Keep things fresh by swapping out decorative accents regularly.

Consider choosing decorative items that are both practical and stylish. A set of modern dish towels or a minimalistic teapot and cups are great options if you want to add a touch of style to your kitchen without going overboard. Putting them on the kitchen shelves makes them easy to use and clean, which makes them perfect for busy families.

Conceal Small Appliances

Some homes have small appliances taking over every inch of counter space. Remove this clutter from the counters. They are easy to pull out and put away while keeping the room looking clean and inviting.

Take a fresh look at your kitchen. Where can changes be made to update the look? Once people see how a small change transforms the room, other changes become easier. Take that first step today for an amazing space you will love.


  1. I LOVE your tips! We have remodeled our kitchen a couple of times. The owners before us had wall paper. I tore it down right away. We did go with brighter colors. We even got a wooden island for the middle of the kitchen. I never thought of art work. Thank you for giving me some really hot tips! This was pin worthy for me to read again! Thank you for sharing!


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