Routines To Instill As A New Parent

It can be easy to let our new baby overwhelm our daily routine. It can be easy to let the day slip by and not have any time for yourself. If you find yourself agreeing with this, then you should rethink your routine. You need to become more organized and scheduled with your days so that you take some time for yourself as well as the baby.

Routines To Instill As A New Parent

Although it is vital to care for your baby first, you also need to look after yourself. Whether you are waiting for the due date or are a new parent already, here are some tips for how to create a better routine. 

Strict bedtimes

When it comes to bedtimes, these can easily differ and get later and later, or more out of a good routine, when you allow them to. A strict bedtime routine for yourself, as well as your baby, will help you both get enough rest. It will also instill more of a structure into your days. Even if you know they will wake in the middle of the night, if you manage to get them to bed at a set time, it means you will have some time to yourself in the evenings. 

Let’s say you enjoy writing but have put it to the side since the baby arrived, this strict bedtime routine will allow you to write again. If you find yourself lacking inspiration due to tiredness or not having written in a while, you could read often or use a tool like a name generator to re-inspire you. 

Feeding hours

Babies need feeding every few hours. Every baby is unique — but one thing that’s pretty consistent is that breastfed babies eat more frequently than bottle-fed ones. That’s because breast milk is easily digested and empties from the stomach a lot quicker than formula. A newborn needs feeding every 2 to 3 hours. As they get older, the time in between each feed will lengthen. Typically, most babies should not go longer than 4 hours without feeding. Setting a schedule will help you remember to feed your baby at the right times, keep them happy, and help them grow. 

Setting a routine for a baby at such a young age will instill routine and schedule into their lives. Babies thrive on routines. They give rhythm and predictability to a baby's day, so they're very reassuring. It will lead to them becoming bosses of their own bodies when they grow. 

Bath time

When the doctor gives you the OK that your baby can be washed in the bath, you should instill a bath time routine. This could be every day before bed to help them settle down and also help them recognize when it is bedtime. The warm water and your undivided attention may help to relax your baby before bedtime. However, not all babies like baths at first. If your baby doesn’t enjoy baths or gets over-excited during bath time, you could move the timing earlier, so long as you have a bath in the routine to ensure they have good hygiene. 

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