Treating Your Special Someone On Valentine’s In Lockdown

Treating Your Special Someone On Valentine’s In Lockdown

Valentine’s Day looks to be somewhat different this year than it has been in the past. Unlike most years we won’t have much cause to go outside or mingle with others due to the pandemic, and this means we have to contain our efforts to the home and our gardens. Today we want to take a look at a few of the ways you can make the most of Valentine’s Day and enjoy your partners company on this special day. 

Breakfast in bed 

The fist thing you could do for your loved one on the morning of Valentine’s Day is make breakfast in bed for both of you. Make sure to not choose messiah foods here and instead stick to things such as toast, Danish pastries, and croissants with spreads. You can also make a coffee and a juice for yourselves and set up your laptop in bed to watch your favorite TV show while you eat. This simple way to wake up and enjoy your partner’s company can be a brilliant thing. 

A surprise gift 

There’s nothing better than a surprise gift for the one you love. For your female partner this could be a necklace, chocolates, or some flowers. For your make partner it could also be a necklace, perhaps some tech for their car (click here), or something fun they can use like a video game. Even if you can’t go out anywhere you can still show your partner how much you care and a simple gesture like this is a great choice. 

Alfresco lunch 

If you have a garden and the day is sunny on Valentine’s - why not enjoy an alfresco lunch with a glass of wine? You can set up your chairs and table outside in the garden or even a picnic blanket and enjoy some simple foods such as bruschetta and small sandwiches. This is a great way to enjoy a different atmosphere with one another and spend some quality time talking. 

A romantic meal 

It is a great idea to have a romantic meal on Valentine’s Day and you can even dress up for the occasion to make things more fun. Set up your dining room table with candles and small petals, and create a 3 course meal together to enjoy. Cooking with your other half can be a fun thing to do and this will be a great way to for you appreciate your time with them. 

Intimate time 

We all know that intimacy is the best part of a relationship whether it be a cuddle or sexual relations - and Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take things to the next level. Enjoy intimacy with your partner and even consider getting some new lingerie from EBY or toys to play with. 

We hope that these small ideas will help you to make the most of your Valentine’s Day and show your partner that they are special even if you cannot go anywhere. 

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