The Biggest Trends In Women's Fashion In 2021

Let’s face it: Most women LOVE to shop. There’s nothing more exciting than experimenting with the latest trends and putting together a new and electric outfit. Thus, to get ready for the coming season let’s take a look at the online ladies fashion trends which are set to run riot in 2021... 

The Biggest Trends In Women's Fashion In 2021


The Winter 2021 season sparks the perfect opportunity to experiment with silhouettes, and peplums seem to be the most popular way to do so. This chic feminine trend first came to the spotlight in 1947 via none other than French fashion powerhouse Dior. Despite adding extra layers of volume to your waist, the peplum trend is one that can be extremely flattering and thus it suits all body types. 

Custom jewelry pieces 

People are becoming more inclined to purchase unique pieces of custom jewelry, as they want something that is unique to them and their style. When you go down this route, you can have a special piece of jewelry created that is bespoke to you and your sense of style. From rings to earrings, the experienced and creative jewelers of today will blow you away with the different designs and products they can create for you. 


The material of the coming season is leather. It raised its head not so long ago when dominatrix fashion was all the range. However, it is back again with a more sophisticated yet albeit just as powerful vibe. Leather was featured on the runway at an array of 2021 fashion shows, such as, Thakoon, Derek Lam, Michael Kors, Rodarte, and Kevork Kiledjian. 


Rocking a two-piece certainly doesn’t have to mean wearing your boring bog-standard black blazer and black wide-legged trousers. Those days are long gone. Mixing and matching two of the same print styles can create a show-stopping effect. You can play around with the different types of clothing you piece together, for instance, a boyfriend blazer and a pair of fitted shorts or a bralette crop top and a pair of skinny jeans. And don’t be afraid to stray away from block colors, utilizing exciting futuristic patterns and vivid floral patterns can easily create a fashion-forward ensemble.

Colors: Black and Blue

Finally, the color of the season is certainly blue and it seems that mixing it with black proved to be a popular option on a whole host of runway shows at the 2021 Fashion Weeks. The following all incorporated the trend; Marc by Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Carolina Herrera, Kevork Kiledjian, and Preen. The great thing about blue is that there are so many diverse shades available, such as, aqua, turquoise, navy, and teal, meaning that you are bound to find one to suit your skin type and hair color.

To conclude, if you want to make sure you start off 2021 in the best manner possible, why not do it in style? Use the ideas above as inspiration and you can ensure that 2021 is a stylish one for you. 

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