It's Almost Nap Time! How to Assemble a Crib for Your New Baby

how to assemble a crib

Are you expecting a new addition to your family?

Having a baby is one of the greatest joys of our lives. However, if you're a first-time parent, you may not be sure what to do. One of the first things an expecting parent should do is to prepare your baby's crib.

This article teaches you how to assemble a crib and make sure it’s secure and durable. Follow these 5 crib assembly tips for a baby's restful night. 

1. Prepare the Nursery

Choose a room in your house dedicated to your newborn and make sure it’s the best location for the baby. You may need to measure the door to find the right-sized crib for your baby. Pick a space wide enough inside so you can focus on your crib building. 

2. Understand the Crib Assembling Instructions

Read all the crib’s manuals and other instructions and understand them as much as possible. Your baby's safety should be your main priority! Make sure the crib follows safety standards.

Check if the parts are complete or if there’s any damaged items. If so, call the manufacturer so they can deliver the missing pieces or replace the damaged ones.

If you're unsure how to build a crib, don't be afraid to consult others for help. Ask your partner, parents, or friends for assistance. 

3. Craft the Crib

After laying down all the parts, start with the headboard and footboard. Connect them with latch brackets. Attach them so that they face the inside of the crib and bolt them tight.

Next, work on the stationary rail as it stabilizes the crib. Stationary rails can either have dowels or screws. These go through to the headboard and footboard.

After you finish the crib assembly:
- Double-check your work. 
- Make sure you followed all instructions and the crib is stable and tight. 
- Check if there are no loose screws or sharp edges. 

Know what crib is best for babies and avoid drop-side cribs. These cribs are no longer available on the market due to the many accidental deaths they caused.

4. Place the Mattress Support

Buy a mattress that's the right size for the crib. To check if it's a tight fit, try inserting your finger between the mattress and frame. Your finger should not be able to go through.

For utmost comfort, three mattresses’ height is the best choice, paired with a metal spring. You may also consider adjustable mattresses. You can adjust the mattress to its highest level, so it’s easier for you to pick up your baby.

5. Finish off With Other Accessories

Consider buying a mattress pad for extra support of your baby’s head. You may also get a night light and blankets like those from Lewis baby bedding.

Discover How to Assemble a Crib Now

Now you know how to assemble a crib for your new baby! Remember to choose the right crib and mattress for your baby. Preparing the nursery and crafting a crib helps to prepare you for the life of a new parent.

However, you don't have to stop here. Check out our other guides for more nursery building tips and parenting advice!

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