Christmas Gift Shopping For The Man In Your Life

It’s been quite a year, and suddenly Christmas is just around the corner. That means that it’s time to start thinking about giving gifts again! 

But if you’re someone that scratches their head and struggles to think of anything suitable to give as a gift, then you will need some inspiration. 

In this guide, we’ll suggest a few great Christmas gifts that you could give to the man in your life. 

A High Quality Drink

To add a touch of sophistication, consider gifting him a selection of premium wines or spirits. For a festive surprise, you could even explore advent calendars with alcohol, offering a delightful daily treat leading up to a memorable occasion. This will undoubtedly elevate his appreciation for fine flavors and create a lasting impression of your thoughtful gift-giving.

A Subscription Box 

If you’d like to give a gift that your man can open again and again, why not buy a subscription box as a gift? 

You could have monthly gifts sent. You could choose from a wine or beer subscription where he’d receive drinks from all over the world to try. Alternatively, you could buy a record subscription, or even one which gives a pair of boxer shorts every month. 

A Ride in A Hot Air Balloon 

If your man has always dreamt of sailing high in the sky on a hot air balloon, then why not make his dream into a reality? You could buy a fantastic ride on a hot air balloon either at sunrise or sunset over some beautiful scenery. You’ll make a truly wonderful memory while you are at it. 

A Firepit 

Many men love to make a fire and sit beside as it is relaxing and talking. If your man enjoys making fire, then maybe the gift of a firepit will help to contain his caveman urges. 

A Drone 

If he is a gadget lover, then he’d love a drone with a live video feed. Not only will have the fun of flying the remote-control drone, but he will also be able to film some amazing footage from the gadget as he flies it through the sky with skill and finesse. 

A Watch 

If you want to give a present that will stand the test of time, excuse the pun, there is no better way of doing this than by giving him a beautiful watch

You could go for something as special as a Patek Philippe and to finish it off, you could opt to have the watch engraved on the back. 

A Custom Vinyl Print 

Do you and your man have a song or a band that you both love? Maybe your first wedding dance? Why not get a custom vinyl print made up from the records. You could have the lyrics printed up and framed or display the record and its sleeve in a frame. 

An Activity Tracker 

If you’re wondering what to get a man who exercises often, why not buy him a fitness tracker? That way, he’ll be able to track all of his fitness goals and beat them. 

A Ride in A Formula One Car 

If he loves fast cars, then he will love the experience of driving a formula one car. Buy him a day on the track and he’ll be blown away by the sheer speed and power of the cars. 


  1. These are great ideas. I got my guy a drone

  2. Love the hot air balloon ride idea. My husband and I buy 'stuff' gifts for our kids but never exchange 'stuff' gifts with eachother. This would be a gift for us together. love it

  3. I like your suggestions! I am always looking for different suggestions. Especially for my husband! After 40 years together, I am running out of ideas. My honey does need a watch!! I like the drone idea! My husband was in the First Air Calv in the Army. He was a paratrooper. So I am thinking twice about the hot air balloon suggestion. I pinned this for future reference!
    Sharing for other’s to see. Thank you for sharing!


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