Starting a New Life: Meticulously Planning Your Move With Kids in Tow

It can be an operation to get your children out of the door on time in the morning so when the time comes that you have to move across the country with your children, it can mean a lot of stress and many sleepless nights. But it doesn't have to be the most arduous task. It is a long-haul journey, and starting a new life is a difficult thing for anybody to go through, which is why it is so important to plan everything meticulously. How can we do this?

Put Thought Into Everything You Pack (and What You Really Need to Pack)

You know you've got to take the bare minimum across the country with you. There can be a significant amount of costs associated with taking all of your stuff, especially if you have vehicles like an RV. While you may want to think about selling it, you can see how much it costs to transport an RV and see if it is worth your while. Packing is a meticulous art, and you shouldn't wait until the last minute to put everything together. In the week leading up to your final journey, you need to put everything you need in there, and the day before you go, pull everything out just to check it one more time and pack it all up again. For your children, they need a significant amount of toys. And what they want 7 days prior to leaving may be completely different the day before. 

Taking Time to Plan the Route

It's not just about the hotels but you need to make sure where the rest areas are so you can make emergency bathroom stops too. If you are driving, you need to space up the journey so you can have adequate rest, otherwise, everybody is going to be shouting at each other. It's a good idea to put in bathroom stops and even if nobody needs to go, you should stop anyway. You know the drill. You will have just sent off for the next 100 miles and one of the children says they desperately need to go! 

Preparing for Emergencies

It is not just about having a first aid kit in the car. Have everything you need such as medical records and insurance cards. Have emergency contact numbers on your phone, as well as printed on a piece of paper should something happen. You never know if your child decides to wander off when you stop for a bathroom break so have a plan in place! 

Preparing for the Long Journey

It's the long journeys that can severely sour the relationship with your family when you are moving from one place to the next. This is why you've got to have emergency supplies to minimize boredom. You need a family road trip survival kit full of games, activity books, and plenty of music. It's also something to consider because your children will be anxious. You are all starting a new life and children can show their anxiety in different ways.

Consider Renting a Furnished Apartment

Renting a furnished apartment can mean far less spending than you would in set up costs when moving into an unfurnished home. You don’t need to budget for a security system, furniture, or appliances. Basically, you can put down your deposit, plugin, and go. Ultimately you can also save more money especially if you plan to not stay permanently or in the long term. This a great option for people wanting to make a quick move as well, no waiting on your furniture to be set up and can make adjusting to normalcy easier on children. Short-term apartment rentals are ideal for business travelers, students, those seeking temporary housing, military/government housing, homeowner relocations, or corporate housing companies needing additional living expense (ALE) space housing. The Bricks Perimeter Center furnished apartments are a great option if you are looking for something located within walking distance of the Perimeter Mall in the Dunwoody neighborhood of Atlanta, GA. No matter if you are looking for a place that is furnished, half furnished, or a safe location, Furnished Apartments Atlanta offers all of those amenities plus Major shopping and dining establishments!


  1. That has to be really hard. You have some good advice!

  2. The kids do and are anxious, but they can really be a pain about moving, IF they didn’t want to move in the first place!! My girls are a lot like me when it comes to getting rid of things that we really don’t need! I try to do the right thing, but it is hard. That’s when I bring up charities. I used to have one of the best first aid kits I could find. I was always adding extra first aid things in it. That’s a given whether you are moving or not. Nowadays the kids can bring traveling games. Plus their phones probably have everything on it to keep them busy for hours! This was pin worthy. Thank you for sharing!


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