Maintaining Kid's Immune & Gut Health with Country Life

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The gut microbiome is home to trillions of bacteria, so it's no secret that feeling great from the inside out starts with the gut. With a mission to connect the growing wellness conversation - from improved digestion to greater energy - to gut health, making it a priority in order to be your best self, Country Life Vitamins developed Gut Connection - a prebiotic/postbiotic-based approach to digestive health focusing on eight major individual health concerns. June of last year, I started taking the Country Life Gut Connection and have been feeling better in so many ways. 

Now, Country Life has extended the line to offer personalized solutions for the whole family with the introduction of Gut Connection Kids. Featuring chewable supplements that support children's gut health with specific functional benefits, Gut Connection Kids targets immune, digestive, cognitive, and a chocolate drink powder for sleep balance. Rather than waiting until adulthood, Gut Connection Kids begins the process early to help children form healthy habits.

70% of the immune system resides in the gut. So Gut health is integral in achieving a balanced lifestyle and is impacted by so many daily choices - from what we eat to how active we are. Gut Connection Kids provides an essential start to ensuring children get necessary nutrients from a young age, in order to target their individual needs and grow up feeling proud about the bodies they are in.

Because they are chewable, they fit seamlessly into a child's routine. Each sweet and sour supplement comes in animal shapes with friendly names to engage and educate on the benefits of gut health. Intended for children aged 4–12, but adults can also take this product by following the directions for the 9–12-year-old dosage. Here's the whole line:

- Mollie the Polar Bear's immunebalance: supports a strong and healthy immune system
- Hollie the Hippo's digestivebalance: maintains a balanced gut
- Billie the Elephant's cognitivebalance: helps to focus the mind 
- Tommie the Tiger's sleepbalance: promotes restful sleep

Both my kids are back to in person learning full time now so protecting their healthy immune systems is my top priority. My daughter has been taking the immunebalance and digestivebalance (one of each) while my son has been taking the immunebalance and cognitivebalance (one of each). Please pay attention to all directions and packaging details with any supplement you or your child takes. I do also suggest talking to your child's physician before you give your child any supplements. But probiotics have been suggested for both of my children in the past. 

Gut Connection Kids is one of the first children's formulas to include clinically studied EpiCor® Whole Food Fermentate, a plant-based ingredient made through natural fermentation, shown to support gut and immune health. Each product works to support a balanced microbiome and gut-brain communication for better wellness and development.

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Do your children take supplements or probiotics? In what ways do you support your child's immune system?


  1. These sound like great supplements Diana. Thanks!

  2. My doctor advised me to take probiotics. He said that we never really empty our stomachs or bowels out all the way. That it could make me feel sluggish and could cause other problems. He said the same things can happen to our kids.He brought up some points like you did in your article. Some kids don’t eat right. They eat way too much junk. A lot of children often experience constipation or diarrhea. With everything going on now, I would feel better if they kept themselves as healthy as they can. Some moms don’t know this! I shared on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Thank you for sharing and caring!

  3. I wish they had this product line when I was a kid. Thanks for posting!

  4. My kids could definitely use this! Thank you for sharing!


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