The Best Gifts for Burned Out Moms

Everyday life can lead anyone to feel burned out at times, but being a mom means extra work to keep your family happy, healthy, and safe. It’s an incredible experience being a parent, but it’s also one of the most challenging things a person can do. This is why it’s important to look out for moms (and dads), whether they’re your parents or a friend or relative with kids. They might seem like they are on top of everything, but they will need a break once in a while, too. To show the moms some love in your life, here are some great gift ideas for when they need to slow down and relax. 

Offer to Babysit

This is the cheapest and simplest gift you can give to parents, and it will be greatly appreciated. Offer to babysit the kids one day, night, or even for a weekend so they can get some quality down-time to reconnect with themselves or their partners without the kids getting under their feet. Perhaps even offer to make it a regular thing by babysitting once a month so they can go out for dinner or stay in and relax more often. 

Luxury Soaps and Beauty Products

One of the best things to do if you want to relax is to enjoy a hot bath or shower before getting into your comfortable clothing and watching a movie or your favorite TV show. To make sure moms are getting the best experience, treat them to some luxury soaps like this lavender goat milk soap, which is enriching for the skin, or maybe buy her some quality beauty products she can pamper herself with the next time she goes out with friends or for a date night. 

Pay for a Weekend Away

If you want to indulge her, consider paying for a weekend trip away together or for her and her partner to enjoy while you look after the kids. You can find great deals on spa weekends, or for cute bed and breakfasts and hotels easily online or through experience day sites that usually offer mini-break deals, too. It’s another great way for her to reconnect with herself and blow off some steam, whether that’s enjoying cocktails in a trendy city bar or going for a hike in the countryside. 

Get Her a Massage

Another great way to recharge is by getting a full-body massage, and this is another treat you can find great deals for online. You might also want to explore other spa treatments like facials, mani-pedi, body wraps, or whatever she might enjoy. She will certainly feel like a new woman and ready for anything afterward! 

Fine Dining Experience for Two

Cooking for the family day after day can be exhausting, so why not treat her to a fine dining experience? Take her out for a delicious meal at an upmarket restaurant or find a voucher she can use with her partner so they can enjoy a wonderful, luxurious date night. It’s important to recognize when moms need a break, so consider the options above the next time you want to get her a gift to show her how much you care.


  1. These are such nice ideas. I am sure any of them would be appreciated!

  2. These are great ideas. I especially like the get her a massage idea. I could really use one about now, lol. Thanks for posting!

  3. These are excellent suggestions from a mom who knows what other moms need! I LOVE going out to eat. Mom’s get tired of cooking whether they are home all day with the children or working all day and rushing home to feed her children! It is still a break! Plus that me time is really needed to unwind and nothing is as good as a massage to loosen our ligaments! This was pin 🧷 worthy! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love this! Moms are taken for granted too often! Thank you to all the hard working moms!


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