The Outer Banks: One Of The Best Vacation Spots For Families

For a serene place to travel, laced with opportunities for enjoyment and wonder, the Outer Banks in North Carolina is the ideal place for many to vacate to during the holidays. As a result, the area welcomes millions of visitors every year. 

The Outer Banks: One Of The Best Vacation Spots For Families

Picture roaming horses, impressive houses, charming villages, long golden sandy beaches, and an abundance of weathered lighthouses. And you will almost have a good picture of the Outer Banks already.

The Outer Banks exudes a chilled, carefree vibe, making it a much-loved spot among its residents and tourists to either; catch some rays, take a dip in the ocean. Or if they're feeling particularly confident, it's a great place to catch some waves.

Aside from family vacations, it's also a sought-after place for a couples retreat. Moreover, the Outer Banks is a favorite among engaged couples who want to get married in a romantic setting.

Beyond the Outer Banks' ability to facilitate the needs of most who visit, it also offers an extensive and exciting history. With its connections dating back to world war 2, the civil war, and the age when pirates prowled the seas.

For more detailed exciting and fun facts about what the Outer Banks can offer you and your loved ones. Whether you're interested in renting a home for the holidays or hoping to move there permanently, take a peek at the infographic below.

The infographic provides insightful facts and statistics about topics such as the Outer Banks part involvement in historical events, the number of people living in the Outer Banks, and an unsolved mystery.

Infographic designed by: Carolina Designs Realty & Vacation Rentals


  1. I’ve been to North Carolina and it is beautiful! I have never heard of the Outer Banks though. This place is interesting! Full of war and historical battles. Ever since I seen the movie Aquaman, I would like to tour a lighthouse. It must be somewhat of a romantic spot if couples are getting married there. This review has a wealth of history information in it, so I pinned it to my Travel board. Thank you for sharing!

  2. We live in SC and no vacation for us this year. Too scary.


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