The Ultimate New Mom Gift Guide

When a baby comes along, new moms are usually inundated with gifts. In fact, you can expect items like baby gowns, outfits, cute hats, and shoes. Then there are the bigger things like pushchairs, prams, baby baths and evening bottle sterilizers. The thing is, that while as a new mom receiving gifts to help care for your baby is lovely, it is also sometimes nice to get something that is specifically for you as well. After all, new moms have already done a pretty fantastic job for 9 months plus the labor, and her work is only just beginning. The good news is that there are plenty of thoughtful gifts guaranteed to put a smile on the face of a new mom. Just keep reading to find out what they are.

Help her take care of her own needs.

To stay that there first few weeks after giving birth is a whirlwind is an understatement. Baby’s don't clock off, so that means it's 24/7 care with very little time for yourself. Just what you need after going through labor! With that in mind, one of the baby gifts you can give to a new mom is the gift of sleep.

In fact, there are several ways to approach this. The first may be buying some self-care items like a sleep mask and lavender spray, so when mom does get 40 winks, they are of the best quality possible. You may even wish to take care of Baby if you and mom have a close relationship. Then mom can catch up on sleep, something that can make all the difference to their well being.

Of course, there is another option, and it's hiring some help for mom that will allow her to get her much needed sleep. This may be in the form of a nanny, or au pair, or even a postpartum doula that can offer advice on everything from sleeping when the baby sleeps to breastfeeding issues.

Help her feel like her old self again.

For many, being a new mom is one of the most beautiful experiences. However, all those sleepless nights, along with pregnancy and childbirth can do a number of her confidence. That is why a gift that will make her feel a little more like her old self again can be an excellent choice.

One of the best ways to do this is to give her a spa day. Of course, she may not feel like getting into her bikini and heading out. However, the good news is that you can bring the spa to her.

In fact, a hamper full of pampering beauty treats can work wonders for a new mom. Just be sure to check that they are baby safe. That means strongly perfumed items are out as they could cause an allergic reaction in the baby, or just be generally overpowering for their developing olfactory systems. Instead, go for fragrance-free products and goods that are packed full of natural ingredients.

Include things like hair masks, eye masks, body wash. Even the odd can of dry shampoo and some cute hair ties can be a lifesaver when there is only time for a new mom ponytail.

A gift certificate to use a little, later on, can also be an excellent present here. Spa days are always welcome, especially as they give something that is just for mom to look forward to in the future. Alternately a mani-pedi or even a voucher for a hair cut can be perfect. Especially if mom gets to have a few hours of me-time when using them.

Help around the home

Another thoughtful and often well-received gift for the new mom is assistance in the home. After all, they have their hands full looking after the little one so the cleaning, cooking, and organizing tasks can really start to build up.

Probably one of the most straightforward ways to provide a home helping gift is to roll up your sleeves and get involved with some of the housework that needs doing. Just be sure to ask for permission first, as mom may not want you rooting through her dirty laundry or cleaning up, unbidden.

Alternatively, making up some yummy home-cooked meals and dropping them off at the home of the new mom can be a brilliant gift. In fact, such a gesture can help them in several ways. The first is that it means they don't have to cook, which gives them more time to spend with Baby and while Baby is sleeping, on themselves. Additionally, new moms need plenty of healthy nutrition after giving birth. Both to repair their bodies and to make sure they make enough milk for their little ones, so dropping off some delicious hearty meals can be an excellent idea.

Last of all, why not invest in a plant gift delivery if you want a gift that will help enhance the home of a new mom and make her feel special? Potted plants or flowers can really add an air of celebration and brighten up a home.

It's also incredibly easy to order some very stylish bouquets from an online florist. Which means you can make sure mom gets her gift without inviting yourself around. After all, some new moms will want to be left alone with their baby to get into a new routine and figure things out for themselves.

Help her create memories of this special time.

Finally, some beautiful gifts for a new mom are items that help her capture and create memories of this exceptional time in her life. In fact, there are a range of options to consider here.

The first is a baby journal where mom can record all the milestones that her little one meets. You can even get a deck of cards that you can put next to Baby for when she photographs them. Something that can help them create a beautiful keepsake. Some other super cute paper props can also be used in homemade baby shoots that would make an excellent gift.

While we are on the subject of photos, it may be worth finding out whether a new mom has all the equipment she needs to take the best Baby pictures. In fact, a special lens for a phone camera or even an instant camera can be a lot of fun, and help to make documenting a baby's first year as easy as pie.

Of course, you may wish to go the whole hog and purchase a professional baby shoot as a gift to mom. Now, these can be on the pricey side. However, the quality and range of photos mom will receive will delight her. They will also make sure she has terrific visual memories of this very important time in her life.

Lastly, another option is some mommy jewelry of which there are many types to choose from. In particular items with the initials, names or birthstones of the new mom's child can work well.

Just be sure to check on her preference for gold or silver-toned jewelry before you buy. Also, remember it can be very useful to ask whether she prefers to wear a necklace or bracelets. Then you can make your gift even more special by ensuring you pick the right kind.

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