The Top Considerations When Designing A Kid’s Bedroom

Many struggles present themselves to the modern parent. Your life is a constant mixture of juggling loads of different child-related things in one go. Are your children getting the right level of education? Are they as active as can be? Do they get healthy meals every day? These are all significant concerns that you have to battle all the time.

Alongside these things, you have secondary concerns to worry about. One of which is how your kids feel at home. Are they comfortable? Do they have a bedroom that makes them feel at ease? Believe it or not, but the design of your child’s bedroom is a pretty big deal. It’s a big deal to them, anyway. With that in mind, this post will analyze a few of the biggest considerations when designing a bedroom for a child. You should soon see there are a few unique worries that don’t crop up when creating any other room! 

How long will it last?

Be reasonable, a kid’s bedroom won’t look the same forever. This is a significant struggle of being a parent as you often spend lots of money adjusting to your child’s tastes. One moment they love one thing, then the next they’ve grown out of it. So, think about how long the bedroom will look as it currently does. Is it worth splashing the cash on things that will only be replaced in a couple of years? For me, it’s not worth it at all. 

As such, you can work around this by looking at ways to save money in the long run. One idea is to find affordable bedroom furniture from discount stores or outlets. This way, if your child suddenly grows out of their bed or wants new drawers, it won’t be as costly. Also, try to avoid very specific design ideas. For example, a bedroom themed around a TV show sounds impressive, but you’ll probably have to redesign it in a few years. Cut your losses and go for a more generic child-like theme that will last longer. 

Is it safe?

Okay, granted, safety should be a top concern in every room in your house. However, when you design, say, your own bedroom, you’re not overthinking how safe it is. 

Nevertheless, when kids are involved, safety must become a top priority. So, consider how safe the bedroom is as you design it. Are there any potential hazards you can avoid? Two clear examples spring to mind right away. Does it make sense to have a carpeted floor or a harder flooring option? Clearly, for a child, carpet is much safer if they fall over while playing. When prioritizing safety in your child's bedroom design, explore options like children's cabin beds, which often come with built-in safety features such as guardrails. These beds not only add a delightful touch to the room but also provide a secure sleeping space for your little one. Thus, it is the smarter choice. Secondly, is a bunk bed a safe option for a young child? Probably not, so opt for a safer bed instead. 

At the end of the day, you don’t want your child to hurt themselves in their room. Especially when they’ll likely be playing in it without your supervision all the time. The least you can do is create a safe room. 

There might only be two considerations, but these are definitely the most significant. Keep them in mind when you’re designing a bedroom for your child.


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  2. These are some great tips--I just love decorating my children's bedrooms!


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